Saving up to THB 350,000 from your income tax Expat thailand wealth and health planning

Don’t ignore the potential benefits of LTFs and RMFs in order to reduce your INCOME TAX.

Saving up to THB 350,000, only you consider contributing in Thailand’s Long-Term Equity Funds (LTFs) and Retirement Mutual Funds (RMFs).

Both LTFs and RMFs are the programs which are decided to encourage people to save for their retirement on the benefit of tax saving.

There are some requirements when you invest in LTFs and RMFs in Thailand;

For LTFs, individuals can invest up to 15% of annual income (including salary, bonus, commission, fees) or THB 500,000 (whichever is lower), and must hold the portfolio at least 7 years.

For RMFs, individuals can also invest up to 15% of annual compensation or THB 500,000 (whichever is lower). On another condition, RMFs, provident fund and pension insurance are accumulated not over THB 500,000. Additionally, once you invest in RMFs, you need to invest at least THB 5,000 annually until the age of 55.

As LTFs and RMFs are managed by various fund manager of asset management company, CHOOSE IT WISELY….
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