Delivering successful technology projects Report 7: 2020–21

Report objective

The objective of this Auditor-General's insights report is to highlight recurring risks and issues in delivering technology projects and to share learnings with the wider public sector.

In brief

Technology is critical in the delivery of government services such as health and education, and the provision of support functions like payroll and finance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced how important technology systems are in giving the public access to government services online. These systems depend on digital technology that is secure, reliable, and fit for purpose.

However, technology does not stay the same. Upgrades and changes are needed, and they are invariably complex and difficult. Unfortunately, many technology projects currently do not hit their deadlines, stay within budget, or achieve their objectives.

For this report, we have identified, from our audits and other research, five factors that, if managed and modified to suit, can improve the success of projects. They are summarised in Figure 1.

No one factor is more important than another; it is the combination and integration of them all that can make a difference.

For more information

For more information on the issues and opportunities highlighted in this summary, please see the full report.