Outcomes of English 150 Best class ever :)

In this photo we are writing our everyday free writes. The purpose of the free writes are to answer the question of that day and also to help you think of ideas on the Unit paper topic. We were working on Unit 2 which entailed ads in society today. So when you look at the images pretended in the free write. You can ask yourself "What are ads today truly doing to us as a society?"

Unit 2 Free Write

We did this because it helped the class to think about something they never really thought about. Also to create a dialogue of discuss about the topic so it could influence the class to spark ideas and hopefully start the paper. The outcome of this is to analyze and define the needs of their intended audience and develop ideas and find resources for their writing. When doing these free writes, you get a handle on the topic and figure out what is your audience(if not given). In Unit 2 the audience was the the professor and my classmates. The reason for this is to show them my ads campaign and their true values. Also while writing the free writes you are developing new ideas in the process. With some of these ideas you can go online and look at them and see the reliable. See who is the author and their credentials is one way you can tell if the source is reliable or not. Finding this is important because you never want a bad source for you paper.

In this photo, we are working in our groups in peer review. We are discuss in our Unit 2 papers and giving critical feedback to our group members so they can revise their paper and make those critical changes, so they can receive a great score. We do these group peers review, so we can get feedback from multiple people and so a fresh new pair of eye can critique our papers.

The outcomes of group peer review are to work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written material. When working with my group, we were productive by reading each other material and have great feedback to help evolve their paper. The other outcome is to adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required. For me I usually work alone and by myself but I couldn't for this activity. I worked with my group and together we all produced great papers. Also we had to have our papers done so our group could peer review them. Every review my group came prepared and in doing that we all had the critique we needed.

In the top photo I took a picture of the class. Dr. Pavletic was discussing the our Unit 1 papers and how to start them off. We had been doing free writes. Those free writes helped us kick start our papers. The next photo is me writing down all my notes for my unit 3 paper. Writing them down and looking at them on a white board, help me organize my thoughts. And in the last picture, it is Doug and Cole discussing their papers. They work together so they can make good changes and hopefully get a great final grade.

In all of these photos, we were gathering and organizing our thoughts so we can put them on paper. Some people need a person to look at the paper and give them feedback. Some need to write their thoughts down and see the stuff they actually need vises the fluff. And others need the guidance of their teacher to help show them the way. The outcome of all these photos are to organize their ideas effectively. In all of these photos people and either being helped by their peers/teacher or their looking at their own ideas and are trying to put them in the right order. When you put your thoughts in the right place, your paper will come out great and well organized.

In this photo, Kia is revising her paper at home. She is doing so you looks and see her mistakes and see where she can improve in the paper itself.

She wants to become a critical thinker. By reviewing her own paper she can do that. She is thoroughly looking though the paper for grammar errors, run-on sentences, or even capitalization. Just writing the paper isn't enough. But going though again and finding the mistakes because they are always there.

The two outcomes of this are analyze the writing situation, identify needed information, and locate the appropriate information for their writing. Also analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively. Both are very similar. First writing this paper, Kia determined how her is going to write this paper and who her audience was too. Her needed information are her sources and research. While finding these sources her had to pay attention to the sources creditability. Then while looking at her paper she can see if she has all of her information organized in order and effective so her the audience understand what she is talking about and that all her facts in numerical order.

In my future, editing my papers and producing a paper that communicates to my audience is a key element. I could use this skill next semester in our research. To use the right structure and language to show my audience it a research paper and not a formal essay.

In this picture. my classmate Tyler is editing his Unit 4 paper. Making sure he has answered all questions and checking his grammar. In doing he is quartering him a better grade because he is fixing all of those mistakes.

The outcome of this is to produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics. The second outcome is to edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation. These outcome apply because Tyler is appropriately using his time to look over a see that he has written for the right audience, has his purpose in the paper, and checked all of his grammar.

A booked a conference with Dr. Pavletic to help me with my Unit 2 paper. I was having trouble with my topic and how to connect it all together. She broke the paper and told me the content she wanted in each paragraph. She gave me example that I could use and pushed my on the right path. In the future I know that I will be stuck in most of my classes. Knowing that I can go to my professor for help or guidance is helpful for my academic career.

Improve their content and style using feedback and revision with critique other's drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem and the two outcomes. Dr.Pavletic improved my paper and content by doing a one on one section and explaining the requirements. Also she was critiquing my drafts and we both put our thoughts together . When going to the conferences I would take notes of our ideas and revise my broken pathetic paper into a passing paper.

In this photo we are working on finding our sources for Unit 4 paper. Keegan is trying to find his first. These sources are crucial because they nee to be a certain length and having heavy content so you can answer all the questions(on the assignment sheet).

The outcomes are assessing sources and information and state and support assertions. Then finding these sources we checked the content and the information/dat in the articles. Being sure the the information is credible. Also when you find if the information is reliable to see that the author which is the support has the credentials to write about that topic.

This definitely apply to my future classes. Next semester in our research paper. I need sources to support my topic/claim. If my sources aren't creditable then neither is my paper. Knowing that my sources are reliable is half the work.

Throughout the semester we did reflective article. We did them to reflect on our education or even on our plans for the upcoming week. It was a way to communicate to Dr.Pavletic and to stop and reflect everything thats going on.

In future comes this will be useful because of reflective aspect of the assignment. I already keep a personal journal for reflective purposes. The journal lets me escapees from reality and lets me go into my world. I have no worries nor problems. I'm going to keep up with my journal because I know to reflect on life and what you have is good and makes you humble.

The two outcome are to analyze and define the purpose of their writing and analyze the content and purpose of the writing problem. In these journals we had a question and with that we had to choose a purpose to write the journals( academic, personal, etc.). The content and purpose of the journal depended on the question but the content had to have length so the purpose of the paper would be achieved.

In this photo we were in the process of writing our Unit 1. We didn't know where to start or what to do. Dr.Pavletic gave us activity such as free writes to knick start out brains.

the outcome of this activity is to choose words and tone appropriate to a given audience. One of the important elements is to know your audience. Using chosen words and the right tone will excel your paper. Not know your audience will ruin your paper because if the reader doesn't understand than one does.

In my future I would use this in important emails that I have to write to professor or future employers. Having a respectful tone and humble words gives them the impression that you have intelligence. Words are very powerful and a misuse of them, can lay you in bad places.

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