principal's address

As we come to the end of the 2019 school year, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your children for making this such an amazing year for Leeming Senior High School. Furthermore, a big thank you to all members of staff for going above and beyond to create many educational opportunities. The results we are achieving clearly show we are on the right track.

Among the numerous sports events, carnivals, incursions and excursions, we proudly celebrated Harmony Week, NAIDOC Week and Book Week. We had various performances including a School Production, a Choreography Night and a Night of Musical Excellence. School families generously hosted Japanese students and the talented Chess Club competed in the National Championships. We had an overwhelming number of participants in our own “Leeming’s Got Talent”. Amid the study and exams of their final year, the Year 12s attended the Year 12 Ball, the Year 12 Luncheon and lastly, their Valedictory. The Science Department entertained local Primary School students with their Science Fair. We had an Astronomy Camp, a Drama Camp, a Japanese Tour, a Canberra Camp, a Music Camp and a Leadership Camp. The Student Council and House Captains organised various fund-raisers for charity, firing up the BBQs to feed the hordes throughout the year.

Just recently we have had students return from the National Chess Championships in Melbourne where they finished a very credible ninth place. Our Student Leadership Groups have recently returned from a leadership and planning camp at Rottnest. Furthermore, we currently have a group of students that study Japanese on a tour and exchange program in Japan. Thank you to all the students that have participated in these events and to all the staff that have given up so much of their own time to both plan and attend these experiences.

On Tuesday 3 December we formally farewelled our Class of 2019 at the Valedictory held at UWA. Thank you to all the families that attended. The Class of 2019 are to be congratulated on not only a great night, but a night that reflected the strong and tight knit group they are. On behalf of the Leeming Community, I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.

My thanks to the P&C President Mr Michael Blakemore and the P&C group for their support of the school. The P&C have funded over $30,000 worth of projects in 2019 and are already planning an even bigger 2020. I would also like to thank the School Board Chair, Mrs Claire Purcell and the School Board for their hard work in 2019. The P&C and the School Board continuously support the needs of the school community and have both contributed to many projects.

The School Office will close on Friday 20 December and reopen on Tuesday 28 January. Students will commence on Monday 3 February 2020.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday season and look forward to a promising 2020.

Mr B. Wallwork, Principal


Term dates

Dates To Remember
  • 28 January 2020 - Administration opens 8.00 am-3.30 pm. Uniform Shop is open 8.30 am -3 pm.
  • 29 January 2020 - Administration opens 8.00 am-3.30 pm. Uniform Shop is open 8.30 am - 3 pm.
  • 30 January 2020 - Administration opens 8.00 am-3.30 pm. Uniform Shop is open 8.30 am - 3 pm.
  • 31 January 2020 - Administration opens 8.00 am -3.30 pm. Uniform Shop is open 8.30 am - 3 pm. New Year 8 to 11 Students Orientation Morning at 9 am - 10 am.
  • 3 February 2020 - Students Commence. Uniform Shop opens 8.00 am - 1.45 pm.
  • 7 February 2020 - Year 7 Testing Day and Parent Meet and Greet 3-4 pm.
  • 10 February 2020 - Year 12 Parent Information Evening 6-7 pm in the Performing Arts Centre.
  • 12 February 2020 - Year 7 Parent Information Evening 6-7 pm in the Performing Arts Centre.
  • 17 February 2020 - Year 11 Parent Information Evening 6-7 pm in the Performing Arts Centre.
  • 19 February 2020 - P & C meeting, 7.30 pm in the Staffroom - New members needed. Please come.
  • 21 February -School Ball - Fremantle Sailing Club - 7-11.30 pm.

Contributions and Charges for 2020

In preparation for 2020 we would like to remind all parents and carers that Charges and Voluntary Contributions are an essential support to the student’s education.

Our aim is to support a high standard of teaching. To be able to do this, we need families to support our Payments and Contributions requests which benefit the students directly.

Following Department of Education guidelines, we break down the costs between Contributions, Charges and Approved Requests.

If you hold a Centrelink or Veteran’s Affairs card, you are entitled to claim the Voluntary Contributions costs.

Charges and Contributions can be paid in one lump-sum payment or in instalments.

Year 11 And Year 12 Students In 2020

Please be aware of the new $18.50 charge to participate in the compulsory Study Skills program.

Certificate II fees need to be at least 50% paid by Monday 3 February 2020.

For more information on our 2020 Contributions and Charges please download our Frequently Asked Questions booklet:


30 Year reunion

It was fantastic to hear that the Leeming SHS Graduating Class of 1989 had a great time catching up with one another at Raffles.

Student Services

Student Services Year's 10, 11 and 12

Dear Parents and Guardians of 2020 Year 10, 11 and 12 students,

Please be aware that Leeming Senior High School can suggest a variety of privately run January Preparation Programs that aim to prepare students for Term One before the academic year begins. These organisations offer numerous preparation programs for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to be better prepared for the academic rigours of their upcoming 2020 courses that they are enrolled in. At this time of year I field numerous enquiries from families seeking information regarding how to best prepare their child/children for the following year.

For any Year 11 or 12 student that is either planning on, or who is currently tackling ATAR course work, these types of preparation programs are highly recommended. Year 10 students who are interested in improving essay writing, study skills or OLNA preparation are also catered for.

The organisations that in the past have been accessed by our school community include:

  • Mastermind Australia
  • WACE Plus Education
  • Academic Taskforce

These are not the only organisations that offer these services in Perth, but they are the only organisations that I have had interaction with. Should you wish to access more information regarding any of these organisations and their upcoming preparation programs, please contact them directly.

Yours sincerely,

Mr V. Bryan, Student Services and VET Manager – Upper School

The Arts


Seven Deadly Sins

Lower School Showcase "A Night on Broadway"

Mrs S. Henderson, Dance Teacher


Students have continued to celebrate their successes in English. In the annual ICAS English testing, seven of our students received Distinction certificates: Danylo S. and Laura H. (Year 7), Olivia B. and Clifton R. (Year 8) and Ashlee B., Sophie A. and Piper M. (Year 9), a tremendous effort which puts them in the top 10% of all international students who participated this year. One of our Year 7 students, Jack T., achieved an outstanding High Distinction which places him in the top 1%. Well done, Jack, for this amazing achievement! Mr Wallwork will be awarding these top certificate winners during the last assembly of the term.

In Mr Mercer’s Writing Club, four Year 9 students completed a month-long ‘word sprint’ for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). By achieving their word goals, they are classed as winners and will receive perks in next year’s competition. Mr Wallwork presented certificates to the four winners: Alice J., Aelan T N., Jacinta C. and Elisha A.

Our Year 7 AEP students enjoyed their time on the joint excursion, with HASS, to Walyalup (Fremantle), learning about the traditions and history of the Whadjuk people, vital to Nyoongar culture today. Walyalup is a significant place as Country on both sides of the Derbal Yerrigan (Swan River). The story of how Country once stretched past Wadjemup (Rottnest) is part of one of the oldest traditions in human history. Under the guidance of Justin Martin from Djurandi Dreaming, our students learned about traditional Nyoongar landmarks and Dreamtime stories. They also created their own dot and line paintings to show their understanding of place, traditional symbols and their significance. Mrs Mellor, Ms Ingoe, Mrs Glasson and Ms Murray (HASS) thoroughly enjoyed the day and the Year 7 students’ behaviour was a credit to the school.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!

Mrs J. Armstrong, English HOLA


Australian Icons

What does it mean to be Australian? For many the iconic image would include a singlet clad larrikin singing “Waltzing Matilda” and ignoring the snags charcoaling gently on the barbie. Year 8 students, however, were treated to another iconic image of an Australian this month, one singing “Wanjoo” while awaiting a damper and kangaroo feast cooking in the coals of a campfire. Coming to Leeming Senior High School from Curtin University, our entertaining and informative guest speaker, Sandra Harben, is an expert on Nyungar culture, history and language. As a Whadjuk woman she began by welcoming the Year 8's to Country, before engaging them with informative stories about Aboriginal Australian Culture.

Students enjoyed hearing many explanations of names for objects including the new bridge to Optus stadium. This iconic new landmark was named for the time when water levels were much lower and people could walk to Harrison Island. As they waded across the river, people’s legs sank deep into the muddy sand beneath the water, so much so that pulling them out left deep “leg holes” and the name Marta Garup (place where the river is only leg deep).

Other contemporary issues were explored such as different conceptions of Australia Day comparing firework fun to invasion date protests. Improving opportunities were also demonstrated by the Associate Researcher’s University career compared to the primary school education of her mother or the complete inaccessibility of reading or writing for her grandmother. Such a personal perspective has given students another reason to be grateful for their own educational opportunities at Leeming Senior High School.

Associate Researcher Sandra Harben meets Leeming Students Jade and Belraaj and their teacher Naomi Bunch.
Enterprising Economics

As a case in point, Enterprising Year 8 AEP students had the opportunity to start up their own companies in an adrenaline fuelled incursion with their teacher Mr Lee and Jason from Murdoch University. With micro grant funding, students chose to set up their companies along ethical or profit driven lines, selling cupcakes, coffee, mechanical services and an online bathers provider.

Following a fast paced auction, students had to account for various costs including utilities, staff, rent and manufacturing. In roles such as Director, CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, they steered their fledgling businesses through a series of scenarios, from bad weather to extreme actions by impetuous foreign powers. Throughout the day they coaxed their sales figures higher through clever marketing campaigns, investing in equipment, production targets and hiring and firing staff, at each stage taking stock of the ethical as well as financial cost. After fast paced decisions and consequences, in the end the winner was the simple cupcake shop turned cash cow.

Year 8 students nurturing their new businesses in coffee and online shopping.
The Inaugural Medieval Games

A Medieval Fair was the culmination of weeks of creative planning and preparation by Ms de Beer’s Year 8 students. All manner of medieval themed games beckoned the students, from the historically authentic to the hilariously bogus. Knights swapped lances for pool noodles in a jousting competition, while peasants performed egg and spoon races. Apple bobbing was a draw card for the less athletic. Participants could also pin the macabre-minded fleas on the rat or endure medieval tickle torture. Catering to all manner of medieval tastes, the fair was agreed to be the year’s historical highlight.

Fremantle Fusion

Students moved beyond simulation to visit the scene of the crime - Fremantle - in a joint HASS-English excursion. The all encompassing event covered the broad ground of 60,000 years of Aboriginal culture through to our Modern city as influenced by Ancient Roman innovations. The Modern/Ancient connection was revealed in the brand new Maritime Museum Exhibition: Ancient Rome - Epic Innovators and Engineers. Geography, History, Economics, Politics and Law combined in this fantastic Fremantle Fusion. What a way to wrap up an amazing year of HASS!

An action packed end to the year has been experienced by the AEP Year 7 students. Taking the law into their own hands, they took to the court rooms, trying a famous historical figure. Joseph Bolitho John’s seat-of-his-pants escape from Fremantle Prison was revealed in the court room drama with the Year 7 Counsels skilfully questioning key witnesses to the crimes - including the colourful “Moondyne Joe” himself.

The court rises for the judge, The accused is in the dock, the court officials listen to the Defense Barrister calling her witness. The tip staff helps a witness swear to tell the truth.

Ms R. Murray, HASS Teacher


Japanese Studies 日本語がくぶ

2019 Japan Tour

On Saturday 7 December, we said “sayonara” as 18 students and two staff departed on a two-week tour of Japan. During the tour, they will visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.

Students will also have the unique opportunity to experience life as a Japanese teenager when they spend six nights in a homestay with a Japanese family and attend school with their host student.

We wish the touring group an enjoyable trip and safe return. よい旅を~

Leeming Primary School Visit

Our Year 10 Japanese students got a taste of what it’s like to be a “Sensei” when they visited the Year 3 class at Leeming Primary School. In preparation for the visit, students planned a mini lesson and prepared accompanying resources to deliver to the Year 3 students. The Year 3 students enthusiastically participated in the activities, while the Year 10 students learned some valuable lessons in how to keep the younger students engaged and on task.

Kana Belt Award Winners

One of the biggest hurdles for learners of Japanese is mastering the written script. The Kana Belts program is a self-paced program where students are assessed on their ability to read words of increasing difficulty in Japanese. In Semester 2, four of our Year 7 students achieved all of their Hiragana Belts, and seven students achieved all of their Katakana Belts. This is an excellent achievement. おめでとう!(Congratulations)

Farewell To Marina Motomura

This year we were privileged to have Ms Marina Motomura offer her native language skills as our Japanese language intern. Marina is a second year university student at Kagoshima Immaculate Heart University, who deferred her studies to volunteer at Leeming SHS for the past nine months. Our students benefitted greatly from Marina’s friendly nature and positive approach. A special thanks to the Wong, Liew and O’Neil families who hosted Marina this year. Marina will be greatly missed by all.

Ms S. Burrows, Japanese Teacher


Chess Nationals

A huge congratulations to the following students who competed at the National Interschool Chess Championships in Melbourne. They all competed at a very high level and came in ninth out of 27 teams.

  • Thomas U.
  • Elisha A.
  • Oliver J.
  • Joshua S.
  • Cornelius V.
  • Xiang C.
Impact Of Changes In Device Policy When In The Library

Next year will bring some changes to the use of devices in the Library. Following the whole school policy, there will be no mobile phone usage in the library at any time, including before and after school.

This also means that the Lock-n-Charge stations are only to be used for charging devices – NOT mobile phones.

ePlatform – Leeming’s eBook Library

It is great to see that the statistics for loans from the eLibrary are rising. The monthly update for our eLibrary showed that for November in November there were 155 total loans which represents a 55% increase from November 2018.

Of the 125 active titles on loan or reserved, 72% were eBooks and 28% were Audio books. A reminder to students that they can borrow from the eLibrary at any time – whether at school or at home and even over the Xmas break. https://leemingshslibrary.wheelers.co/.

The Christmas display this year features an amazing Book Christmas Tree and there is also a very warming Christmas mantel piece.

Have a safe and happy break.

Ms C. Steel, Teacher Librarian


The Year 9 Maths students were investigating what objects in the real world were shaped like parabolas. The students applied their imagination looking for “parabolas” around the school ground. They then worked out the quadratic equation of their parabolas using a software called DESMOS. Here are some pictures of their work.

Mr A. Yong, Mathematics Teacher

As most of you will know, the Mathematics and several other departments have been making good use of the Education Perfect website. This has proven to be an outstanding resource for our students both in and out of the classroom. Recently our top two Year 8 classes were rewarded for their efforts on the website with a $50 Domino’s Pizza voucher provided by Education Perfect. We decided to run a two-hour head-to-head competition with the prize being a classroom pizza party. As can be imagined with such high stakes, the effort put in by both classes was exceptional. It was a close run result but it was edged by 8-1 who are pictured below enjoying their pizza. Well done guys, keep up your hard work.

Lastly, all of the staff in the Mathematics Office would like to say a big well done to those hard-working students for your relentless work and a very happy holidays and New Year to all!

Mr J. Giddings, Mathematics Teacher


The Science and Technology Academy- An Approved Specialist Program

STEM learning Project

This term groups of Year 7 students have been working on the STEM learning Project ‘Keeping Cool’. In this project, students began by analysing thermal images of suburbs in the South-Metro area to develop an understanding of the Heat Island Effect. The next phase of the project involved planning and conducting an investigation to determine the effect of one or more factors on air and ground temperature. Students investigated the effect of shade cloths, colours, canopy cover and the type of ground cover. In the final synthesis phase of the project, students designed a solution to the Heat Island Effect, using the evidence from their investigations to suggest ways an environment can be designed to keep cool.

Year 8 and 9 students worked on the STEM Learning Project ‘Amp Up The Volume’. In this project they explored the properties of sound, and, with the help of Mr Wegwermer, they designed and built passive amplifiers for their smartphones.

The projects gave students an opportunity to apply scientific principles to design and engineer solutions to real-life situations.

Scitech Lab on Legs

Year 8 STA members had the opportunity to participate in a forensics workshop brought to us by CSIRO Lab on Legs. Lab on Legs is a hands-on mobile science and technology laboratory where students can explore practical applications of science, use specialist equipment and engage in industry-relevant scenarios. Students use science inquiry skills to investigate evidence collected from the scene of a crime. They made observations, analysed results and used the evidence to draw conclusions to solve the crime.

ChemCentre Incursion

The final STA activity this year was a visit from the Out-Reach Officer from the ChemCentre who came to speak to our Year 10 STA members about the applications of chemistry in the industry and and in environmental protection and clean up. The incursion broadened students’ understanding of the types of careers that are open for those interested in pursuing a career in Chemical Sciences.

Science iQ Competition Winners

Over 50 Year 7 and Year 8 STA members have participated in the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia Science iQ competition which has taken place throughout the year. Science iQ is an on-line competition where students work cooperatively in teams of 4 to complete the quiz. The quiz questions are quite challenging and requires the students to work together to research or calculate the correct answers. The students met in the library after school to complete the two rounds of the competition.

Our Year 8 students won the Term 4 Competition. Congratulations to:

  • Kate B.
  • Shambavi R.
  • Cailey W.
  • Tia D'S.
  • Jaidyn W.
STA Awards 2019

This year, there have been a huge variety of STA activities to be involved with ranging from the CO2 dragster competition, primary school science shows, the Canberra Tour, The STEM learning Project and Mind Mash robotics, to name but a few. Throughout the year the STA points awarded for participation in STA activities, and out-of-school activities such as the ChemCentre Open Day and Astrofest have been collected to determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze STA award winners for 2019.

  • Gold award winners earnt 430-670 points
  • Silver award winners earnt 355-420 points
  • Bronze award winners earnt 300-350 points

10 points are awarded for every hour of engagement in co-curricular programs. Points are also awarded for achievement in competitions and A and B grades in electives. A maximum of 150 points was awarded for participate in the Canberra Tour.

USA and Space Camp Tour 2020

Planning is underway for the 2020 USA & Space Camp Tour. Congratulations to those students who have been selected to participate. A wait-list is in operation. All communications regarding the tour will be through the flexi class on Connect. Please make sure you respond to notices and requests for documentation in a timely manner to ensure that the planning process progresses as smoothly as possible.

Dr E. Janes, Science HOLA


Message From The School Nurse

Christmas Wishes

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and families a very merry Christmas with your family and friends and may you have a safe, restful and enjoyable holiday. I hope to see all students in 2020. For the students that are leaving, I wish you all the very best in your new school and future plans. Good luck to the Year 12s 2019 in their ATAR results.

Dental Services

The School Dental Service (SDS) provides free dental health check-ups to students attending a Department of Education recognised school from 5 to 17 years of age or to Year 11, whichever comes first. For more information please call 9313 0555 or visit www.dental.wa.gov.au. Students are encouraged to attend their primary school dental service.

Raising Children Network - Children are as individual and as different as their parents and making decisions about what’s best for raising children is very personal.

The Raising Children Network provides information that can help parents with the day-to-day decisions of raising children. It also provides information to help parents and carers look after their own needs. The information is based on the best science in parenting, child health and development, presented in language we can all understand.

The Raising Children website offers up-to-date, research-based material on more than 800 topics spanning child development, behaviour, health, nutrition and fitness, play and learning, connecting and communicating, school and education, entertainment and technology, sleep and safety.

This is a website for Australian mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone else who has responsibility for the care of children. www.raisingchildren.com.au

Sun Safety With The Hot Weather Approaching

It is important to talk to your children about sun safety and teach them good sun protection habits.

  • Slip on some sun-protective clothing, that covers as much skin as possible;
  • Slop on broad spectrum, water resistant SPF 30+ sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards. Sunscreen should never be used to extend the time you spend in the sun;
  • Slap on a hat that protects your face, head, neck and ears;
  • Seek shade;
  • Slide on some sunglasses. Make sure they meet Australian Standards; and
  • Extra care should be taken between 10am and 3pm when UV levels reach their peak.

For more information see the Cancer Council website: www.cancer.org.au

Good Mental Health Tips

Eat Well: Some studies suggest that what you eat affects your mood. A good balanced diet will make sure you have all the essential nutrients needed for your brain to function well, helping to keep you both physically and mentally healthy.

Get Involved: Get involved with things. Do volunteer work, get a hobby, join a club or committee, play sport, join a meditation group, go snorkelling with a group of people, socialise or do a short course. The more things you do, the more connected you feel to the world around you.

Give a Compliment: Give a compliment and allow yourself to feel good for making someone else feel good.

Build friendships: Keep in touch - invite a friend to lunch. Encourage new friendships - ask your friend to bring someone you have never met.

Share and Create Positive Relationships: Close relationships have a huge impact on how we feel on a daily basis. A phone call, a couple of emails or a few texts, can help us feel connected to those we love, sharing thoughts and feelings with friends, family or a counsellor. Talking your problems through as soon as they appear can really help relieve stress and anxiety.

Reduce Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use

Some people make the mistake of thinking that taking drugs can help get them through tough times. Drugs, including alcohol, can contribute to, or trigger, mental health problems in people. Mental illness linked to drug use includes anxiety, depression, paranoia, panic attacks, and psychosis.

Help others do something to help someone else. Acts of kindness help other people but also makes us feel good. We are often happiest when doing something for others.

Practice skillful conflict resolution. Conflict is difficult for most people. There are times where it may not be possible to avoid. Practicing skillful conflict resolution can make a difference and, with the skills gained, may have additional benefits. Conflict does not have to be aggressive, discussing and talking through issues can benefit your own well being.

Play is important for staying mentally healthy. Devoting time to just having fun can recharge your battery, revitalise your social networks, and reduce stress and anxiety.

For more information, to find your nearest headspace centre or for online and telephone support visit headspace.org.au

Help Lines And Websites For Adolescents

How Do I Get Help?

Sometimes, when you’re worried about something or feeling down, it feels like you’re all alone. It can seem like your other friends and family members have ‘normal’ lives, and they don’t understand why you’re worried.

Besides the phone lines and websites below, there are some people that you can talk to who may also be able to help you and refer you to the appropriate place for help. These are: the School Psychologist, the School Nurse, your GP, your local hospital or health centre nearest to you. There is always someone that you can go to for help so please don’t feel like you have to face things alone.

Websites To Use

1. http://au.reachout.com – a website for young people to improve their mental health. Also provides information and opportunities to connect with other young people

2. http://www.youthbeyondblue.com – It is a national, independent organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety & substance misuse disorders for young people. You can talk with others, share your story and read about other people’s experiences.

3. http://www.headspace.org.au - has online chat and support or you can call the closest centre to you to make an appointment for free counselling.

4. http://www.kidshelp.com.au/teens/ - offers web counselling, email counselling or phone counselling (1800 55 1800)

5. www.justask.org.au – this is the national mental health information and referral service from Lifeline.

6. http://www.health.wa.gov.au/mentalhealth/publications/head2head.cfm - this is a magazine that is published 3 times a year and provides mental health information to all sections of the WA community.

Phone Numbers
  1. Kids Help Line - 1800 55 1800 (free call from a land line; 24 hours)
  2. Youthline (Suicide) – 1800 350 670
  3. Samaritans (Suicide) – 1800 198 313
  4. Lifeline - 13 11 14 (cost of a local call; 24 hours)
  5. Mental health direct- 1800 220 400
  6. Mental health emergency response line – (24 hr) 1300 555 788
  7. Health direct – 1800 022 222
  8. Domestic violence helpline – 1800 656 463
  9. Mission Australia helpline – 1300 886 999
  10. Headspace – 9335 6333 (Fremantle office)

The Young Carers Program provided support to young carers who might be at risk of not completing their education or the vocational equivalent. There are a range of support options, and also funding to give them a break.

The Program can help young carers under the age of 25 years who are providing significant care and support for a parent, child, partner, relative or friends who has a disability, is frail aged or who has a severe mental or physical condition.

  1. Free call for young carers - 1800 052 222
  2. Email - yc@silverchain.org.au
  3. Website - www.youngcarers.net.au

Free Mobile App Legal Aid WA, in conjunction with other legal aid commissions, has launched a free mobile phone app - Below the Belt: Sex, Selfies and Cyber bullying. This app will help young people understand the law about three major issues facing them: sexting, cyber bullying and the age of consent.

Below the Belt: Sex, Selfies and Cyber Bullying contain fun and interactive tools to help young people learn about the law and support their friends. Users can send an e-Postcard to their friends to ward off unwanted requests to send someone a selfie. The app explains the legal consequences of consensual sexting and also what to do if someone distributes an image of them without permission or sends them an unwanted sext. The app also allows young people to quickly resolve any questions that they might have about the age of consent.

The app also provides links to support agencies if young people need more help. For information about how to download the app click here. If you have an Apple device you can have a look at the app content by linking through to the following web pages:


Ms D. Kitak, School Nurse

Chaplains Chat - Carl Hough

I thought I would share this as we are coming close to Christmas and we have the opportunity of spending time with our families, friends and people we might have grown close to. Something to think about is we don’t always know what’s going on in the background of other people’s lives, so be there for each other. Remember it’s not always about you.

The nurse escorted a tired, anxious young man to the bedside of an elderly man. "Your son is here," she whispered to the patient. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. He was heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack and he dimly saw the young man standing outside the oxygen tent.

He reached out his hand and the man tightly wrapped his fingers around it, squeezing in a message of encouragement. The nurse brought a chair next to the bedside. All through the night the young man sat holding the old man's hand and offering gentle words of hope. The dying man said nothing as he held tightly to his son.

As dawn approached, the patient died. The young man placed on the bed the lifeless hand he had been holding, then he went to notify the nurse. While the nurse did what was necessary, the young man waited. When she had finished her task, the nurse began to offer words of sympathy to the young man. But he interrupted her.

"Who was that man?" he asked. The startled nurse replied, "I thought he was your father."

"No, he was not my father," he answered. "I had never seen him before in my life."

"Then why didn't you say something when I took you to him?" Asked the nurse.

He replied, "I also knew he needed his son, and his son just wasn't here. When I realized he was too sick to tell whether or not I was his son, I knew how much he needed me."

Chaplains Chat - Bettina Carter

Wow we are at the end of another year that has just flown by. I would like to finish this year off on a positive note with some quotes from a good book that was given to me recently.

The name of the book is SECRETS of HAPPY PEOPLE by Matt Avery.

"A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results." - Wade Boggs.

"And I have to work so hard at talking positive to myself. If I don’t it’s just real hard to get through the day, and I’ll get really down, and just want to cry. My whole body language changes. I get more slumped over." - Delta Burke.

"I think it’s important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state – meaning surrounding yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do." Heidi Klum.

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious the time is that you have to spend, whether it’s at work, school, with family, every minute should be enjoyed and savoured." - Earl Nightingale

‘Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.” - Denis Waitley

"Change your life today, don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay." - Simone de Beauvoir

I think we can maintain our happiness, but we need to tell our thoughts to stay in the positive zone. For me words like "being at peace" or a "deep joy" and "having an attitude of gratitude", and "hanging on to hope" and "being determined" are also good terms.

Even if we are having a tough day, tough month or year we will feel better if we look after ourselves with eating healthy food, making sure we mix with positive people, decreasing our screen time ( as it reduces our melatonin levels and this will affect our sleep) getting enough sleep, and increasing our activity through the day.

Invest wisely in you…because you matter… and so do the people around you. Have a very special Christmas with your family and a safe school holiday.


The Uniform Shop wishes to advise that most uniform items have now been received. We have the following in stock:

  • Junior Polos - Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Senior Polos - Years 10, 11 and 12
  • Sport Polos
  • Boys Shorts
  • Girls Shorts
  • Girls Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Trackpants

We are waiting for the new Trackjacket that should arrive end of February/early March 2020. However, we still have our discontinued jacket selling for $20.00 in sizes L, 2XL, 3XL.

Please note the sports shorts have changed. They will be a stretch Microfibre with a white pin stripe down the legs and a school logo. Sports shorts will be available in both Ladies and Unisex sizes. They will be available for sale from 28 January 2020. Sport shorts with our school logo must be worn at all times during sport lessons.

Please note that we will be selling the stock of our old uniform until sold out.

Our Christmas and New Year trading hours are as follows:

  • Last trading day for 2019 - Thursday 12 December
  • Open 28, 29, 30, and 31 January 2020 , 8.30 am to 3.00 pm
  • Open 3 February 2020, 8.00 am to 1.45 pm

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!

Our next Newsletter will be published in Term 1 2020. Merry Christmas to all of our Students and Parents and we hope you have a Happy New Year!