Warriors By: Erin hunter page by: irving salgado

Book One: Into the Wild

This book was the first one in the series where most of the characters were introduced. In the beginning Rusty, the main character for this book, is a house cat that ventures into the forest when he meets a clan member of the ThunderClan who gives him an invitation to join the clan. When Rusty accepts the invitation, he is first disliked by the other clan members. After a fight ensued Rusty earned the name Firepaw. Firepaw and his friends watch something they should never have and now they must face this obstacle.

My Review

I would recommend this book for people who just don't feel a book will get their attention. This book will want to make you feel like you NEED to buy the sequels. I know this from personal experience, when I was young I would try to read as much as I could so that I could get to the next book. This book would also work for cat lovers because this is a book of cats in the wilderness. The book also has some pretty intense moments, and has a lot of action especially for a children's book. A main aspect as to why this book is good is because you could kinda relate to the character, even though they're cats. Overall, this is a good book for those who can't in the motion to read a book.

These pictures can help represent the five different clans, in the book. We have the thunder clan( where Firepaw is from), the river can, the wind clan, the star clan, and the shadow clan( usually has the villains of the story).

“You put quite a fight for a tame kitty”- Grawpaw, Into the Wild

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