AT WOODS EDGE Of The Trees, book 2

Cassie Harris turned her back on her best friend Laney Blake.

She had no other choice, Laney was one of them now...a creature of the trees.

The woods grew quiet, snow blanketed the ground, and the murderous beings that had taunted Cassie drifted away with the fallen leaves.

All except one.

Aidan refused to leave Cassie behind.

he stalks through the forests, the town, Cassie's bedroom;terrorizing the object of his fascination.

Cassie can't go into the woods.

She can't trust her friends with the truth.

She has to decide between ignoring Aidan's presence,

Ignoring his advances,

Or confronting him.

But confronting him means risking the return of his evil family, a band of roving monsters.

And the last time those creatures drifted through town...

they left teenage corpses in their wake.

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Created By
E.M. Fitch


Created with images by fdecomite - "snow" • Philo Nordlund - "Love" • Geran de Klerk - "untitled image" • Kuba Bożanowski - "Stalker" • Southern Arkansas University - "Bon Fire & Street Painting 10.18.12"

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