Why We Love Color Runs PLUS: 10 Tips for Your Next Colorful Fundraiser

Have you ever considered adding a little color to your Fun Run? Color Runs are a simple way to take your Jog-Athon/ Run-Athon / Walk-Athon to the next level! All you need are some white t-shirts, volunteers to toss the colored powder and the willingness to be silly with your next fundraiser. Color Runs are popular enough now that most people recognize them and are more than excited to be a part of one. So, gather your team, invest in a little stain remover (powder is easy to lift from skin and clothes), and get to planning your next Color Run!

Why We Love Color Runs

We know we’re not alone in loving Color Runs. This colorful trend has swept the nation and revamped races. It has gotten people off the couch, invited kids into the racing world, and added a whole lot of fun into the experience of running!

Jumping on this trend also has some great benefits for schools looking to add some new energy into their Fun Run.

Color Runs provide awesome benefits for PTO/PTA groups:

  • Recognition: Color Runs are an easily recognizable event and just the mention of hosting a Color Run will immediately elevate your athon fundraiser and have the potential to grow participation and donations!
  • Participation: Students are far more likely to sign up to participate in your Fun Run if they know they will be showered with color! It takes away part of the burden of running and focuses more on the fun – the point is not to do laps but to race to the next color station to get drenched in color!
  • Energy: When you have a Color Run, the energy level of your event takes care of itself. Students and parents alike love to jump into the clouds of color and get messy while having fun and exercising.

The music, the color, the running, the dancing and jumping and fun all work to make your event a memorable experience that everyone will want to be a part of – whether that be students running, parents volunteering, or community members donating to your cause!

10 Tips for Your Next Color Run:

  1. Encourage students and anyone planning to get doused in colored powder to wear sunglasses, a hat, or bandana to keep your eyesight clear (powder is non-toxic and won't cause harm to eyes, but it will help to have eyewear when running through the clouds of color).
  2. Incorporate several color stations throughout the run (maybe at every quarter mile or halfway around your running track).
  3. Wear white! It's the best for showing off those rainbow colors at the end of the run.
  4. Incorporate an end-of-run celebration like a dance or group picture to capture the fun of your color run.
  5. Keep towels and baby wipes on hand for helping students clean up.
  6. Let volunteers and parents know to keep their electronics in their pockets, purses, or in ziplock baggies to protect them from the powder.
  7. Tell students to dress in layers - with a tank top underneath their white t-shirt. This helps reduce the amount of color that will get on the skin from water/sweat during the run.
  8. Want to keep the color? Maybe your team wants to always remember this fun day. If so, get your shirts colored with the powder, spray them with vinegar, then throw them in the dryer to retain all that colorful goodness.
  9. Consider hosting your color run at the end of the school day or possibly even on the weekend so as not to disrupt school time with a bunch of messy, powdered kids after the run.
  10. Don't worry too much about the clean up. The powder can be hosed away from your track, easily removed from clothes with a quick run in the washer, and removed from skin by a good scrub in the shower.

Get Movin' Teams Up With Color Blaze!

Did you know that we have a partnership with Color Blaze? This is the #1 wholesale provider of colored powder for Color Runs across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Color Blaze sells wholesale color powder in both individual packets as well as in bulk for those large, school-wide Color Runs that students love so much! Color Blaze provides top-quality products, fast shipping, and friendly customer service if there is any issue in turning your event from drab to technicolor!

For any of our clients planning on doing a Color Run, it is best to get your color powder from a provider like Color Blaze.

Buying color packets or bulk powder is always the easiest and most cost-effective method for Color Run/Race/Walk events where a ½ pound of powder per participant is recommended if you plan on having 3 or less color stations. If your event will have 4 or more color stations, Color Blaze recommends at least ¾ pounds per participant. 5 color stations require a minimum of 1 pound per person.

What This Partnership Means for You

Seeing as we have had many clients in the past turn their Fun Runs into Color Runs, we decided to partner with Color Blaze. This partnership means that our clients receive a 5% discount on color powder purchased through Color Blaze!

  • Order color powder that matches your school colors!
  • 100% biodegradable, FDA approved dyes make it safe and easy to clean up.
  • Sample kits available to test before you buy.

If you are teamed up with us, contact your PEC to find out how to take advantage of this discount!

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