EARTHquakes by: meera


An earthquake is when the ground shakes and it tears apart. the type of storm that causes the tornado is called the supercells, they go up to 15,24km and 50,000 feet. a tornado often causes floods or thunderstorms. but scientists are still trying to find out how tornadoes form (exactly).

A picture of what a earthquake might look like.
This is a diagram of the earth.


eathquakes occur when two of the fault lines crash together. they are just at the bottom of the crust wich is just under the surfface of the earth. they could earther scratch there sides together or one goes down and the other.

one of the dangerous cracks that happened.

how Dangerous is an earthquake?

an earthquake is Usually very Distrustful but there are usually At least some survivors can survive, if you are lucky. but it does lots of damage to the buildings and electricity cables.


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