Preface - For so long women have admired and tried to fit a mold that is unrealistic. Let's face it unless you spend all day in the gym you aren't going to achieve that ripped, slender physique. This is where Athleta really outshines it's competitors. It's a brand that creates fitness apparel with the understanding that no two bodies are built the same. It's a brand that understands that "Being Fit" is about both your physical and mental well being.

The primary focus for this campaign is to build on Athleta’s mission of empowering women and young girls of all sizes and athletic abilities with "the Power of She". We want women to share their personal stories about what "Being Fit" means to them. To say enough to the "skinny mold" and embrace their body.

We want to capture the raw emotions of Athleta customers, see their personal struggles and accomplishments with goals they set for themselves. Learn how working out allows them to bond and form a community with other women. This campaign will help customers build an emotional connection to the brand, producing a greater awareness and loyalty.

For the creative we will run a series of short videos showcasing real women working out, achieving healthy practical goals that work best for their lifestyles on our social sites. We will encourage Athleta customers to post their stories defining what they think "Being Fit" is and share how the Athleta apparel supports their bodies and activities. #BeingFitRedefined

Facebook - Below I have a sample post for the "BEING FIT Redefined" Campaign. The video post showcases a Caucasian female, size 10, in her mid to late 30's, running. There isn't any dialogue for the video but I have used visuals and text to help drive the short narrative.

The post that accompanies the video reads " I am a single mom working full-time and going to school. I started to notice my clothes were getting tighter and tighter, my energy level was low and I felt blah, my weight was spiraling out of control. They always instruct you on planes that in the event of an emergency, put your mask on first before assisting others. So I put my mask on, and for the past two months have dedicated an hour to running, an activity I enjoy doing. I found the most amazing running pants at Athleta, the relay capri. They are not only affordable, but super comfortable, durable, stylish and the fit is amazing. I don't have to worry about constantly pulling them up, so I can focus on my run. "Being fit" to me means balance. Balance in all things so I can live the best life for me and my family. Thank you Athleta!"

Instagram - Below is a mock up of the Instagram page. The uploads are of women and young girls enjoying social and individual activities in their favorite Athleta apparel. "Being fit" is being active no matter your size, age, or ability. #BeingFitRedefined

With this series we would like to continue the conversation past the initial purchase. The desired outcome is to increase brand awareness and loyalty. To drive sales up 20% or better and take the lead over our top competitor Lululemon. We want consumers to know that our clothing is on par with other high end fitness apparel companies. The main difference is that we support all women wanting to embrace a healthy lifestyle no matter their size or athletic abilities.


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