Jasper Johns Laney Mattison

Jasper Johns was born May 15,1930 in Augusta, Georgia. He is 86yrs old. He was influenced by Marcel Duchamp, Hart Crane, and Tatyana Grosman. He got an education from the University of South Carolina and Parsons school of Design. He received many awards for his artwork. A few awards were Presidential Medal of Freedom National Medal of Arts, and Wolf Prize in Arts. Much of his artwork was encaustic which was painting with melted wax.

My artwork is a blacked out canvas with a quote and a figure. The quote and figure are colored in, not with paint but wax. I had a theme and the theme was Alice in Wonderland. One canvas has Alice with the quote "we're all mad here". Another has the white rabbit with the quote "we're late". The last canvas has the Cheshire cat with the quote "Every adventure requires the first step".

My artwork is on a canvas board painted with acrylic paint and melted wax. I first printed out silhouettes of the characters. Then I cut them out and taped them to the canvas. I then made tape letters for the quote. The next thing I did was paint the board black, I peeled the tape and silhouettes up. Finally, I melted down some crayons and painted in the characters and quotes.

My piece was inspired by the work of Jasper Johns. The specific piece is called False Start one of his less famous pieces. In the artwork it looks as if paint has just been splattered but if you look closer it is too neat to be just splattered.

My goal was too make it neat but still a little mess where it was supposed to be. My artwork reached my goals. The lines were a little choppy but it was okay it made the artwork better. Overall I think the artwork was perfectly imperfect.

My overall thoughts are that my work was well done. The artwork was a nice copy of Jasper Johns style. I loved working with the wax instead of just regular paint. It was a bit challenging but really fun. The wax dried fast and gave the painting a little bit of texture.

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