Eurasian Ruffe the Sportfish Murderer Vivian Huang

Classification of the Eurasian Ruffe

Do u know about the classification of the Eurasian Ruffe? If you don't, well now your about to find out. The Kingdom is Animal, The Phylum is Chordata, the Class: Actinopterygii the Order: Perciformes, the family: Percidae, the Genus: gymnocephalus, and Species: G. cernua. Well now u know a little bit more of the Eurasian Ruffe, were going to see the structural and behavioural characteristics of the Eurasian Ruffe.

Eurasian Ruffe

The Physical, Structural and Behavioural Characteristic

They have rows of dark spots between spines, it has a sharp spiny fin and a soft fin, it also has a back bone( vertebrate). The average female can produce 130,000 to 200,000 eggs per season. The ruffe is 4 to 6 inches long (25)cm, it has a brown to golden brown on its back, its also slimy.

the size of an eurasian ruffe

The natural habitat and ecosystem invades

The ruffe is originally from fresh and brackish waters in portions of eurasia. It is currently found in lakes superior, huron, and michigan. The eurasian ruffe is a small part of the perch family. it might be a small, but aggressive fish species native to eurasia.

the natural habitats of the ruffe

How does the ruffe migrates to a new area

The Eurasian ruffe migrates in two ways. The ruffe came to lake superior probably in the ballast water of a transoceanic ship in 1985. The second way is the Eurasian ruffe migrates by natural disaster, and example of natural disaster is tsunamis. This is how the eurasian ruffe.

Eurasian ruffe impacts (negative)

Did u know that the eurasian ruffe have a lot of negative impacts on sportfish? The Eurasian ruffe can seriously damage native sport fish populations, such as, yellow perch by directly competing for food. habitat or through heavy predation of native sport fish eggs. The ruffe has a explosive growth of populations which means theres less food or space in the ecosystem for the other fish.And also a number of small fish species are seriously threatened by the growth of the Eurasian Ruffe.

Efforts to control the Eurasian Ruffe

There are also people in the world who wanted to control the Eurasian Ruffe but, how? They tried to control ruffe by increasing the numbers of its predators and especially Walleye and northern pike. Ruffe made up less than one precent of fish eaten by the northern pike in 1992. The figure had climbed to 15 percent. Recent surveys of northern pike stomachs, however, that ruffe may be growing in importance as a food source. There was a another idea that will might fail, is poison. Poisoning was considered for areas where the ruffe is firmly entrenched.

The Northern Pike
The Walleye


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