Expired Listings Case Studies by Omar Cotto

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Introduction: What I do

Section One: Expired Listing?

Section Two: The Projects

Section Three: The Future of 120 River Oaks Cir, Sanford

Omar Cotto- Realtor

I joined the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate brokerage because they offer the greatest scope of innovative tools and training that allow marketing professionals like myself to have a competitive advantage in the market place for the last 110 years.

Michael and Cynthia, I've help put millions of dollars in peoples bank accounts just by working closer with sellers to meet their goals giving them marketing solutions that work. I've succeed time and time again where other agents have failed. I will do the same for you. Read through this presentation made especially for you that gives you all the data to back it up. This is just short of giving away my playbook. No one can perform on this level. Let's get started!


Mission is to provide the most value by offering the Blueprint to the American Dream through Real Estate

Omar Cotto succeeds where others fail!

1866 Meeting Place

Baldwin Park

  • Asking Price: $409,999
  • Sold Price: $400,000
  • 98% SP/LP
  • # of agents before Omar Cotto: 2
  • #of days on market with previous agent: 300
  • Marketed and SOLD by Omar Cotto: 72 Days
  • Bought for $344,000 a year prior


  1. High Priced Townhome which sold for highest price in area.
  2. Narrow market due to location and type of property.
  3. Stale listing which had already been seen for over 300 days on market


  1. 1. Photo enhancements with professional photographer
  2. Enhanced Social Media Marketing to various demographics
  3. Target Professional Working Empty Nesters
  4. Target Young "Bladwin Park" Professionals
  5. Target International Entrepreneur/Business owner
  6. Enhanced Marketing to the Realtor community and brokers
Photos before Omar Cotto
Photos taken by previous agent
Photos when listed with Omar cotto
Photos taken by professional
Customer Review

"Omar is head and shoulders above his colleagues. After a frustrating year and a half long process of trying to sell our property, Omar stepped in and made a presentation that showed us everything that could have been done better to get the home sold. He delivered on his promise and then some throughout the whole process by getting the neighborhood actually excited about the sale. Every call was answered, and every email was replied to even when we were out of town on business. Omar does things that I see other realtors don't and in our experience it paid off. We will use Omar for everything real estate need in the future. Recommend Highly!"

3412 bromfield dr

  • Asking Price: $309,999
  • SOLD Price: $298,500
  • # of agents hired before Omar: 1
  • # of days on the Market with previous agent: 205
  • Marketed and SOLD by Omar Cotto: 72 days


  1. Largest and most expensive home in neighborhood with with the most upgrades (No Comps)
  2. Still highest SOLD in area, pricing played a big factor
  3. Narrower target market due various area challenges


  1. Highly targeted Pricing Strategy
  2. Enhanced Social Media Marketing to various demographics
  3. Target Men with no children
  4. Target Single Family no or very young children
  5. Target Large multi generational ethnic families
  6. Enhanced reverse prospecting to the Realtor community
Customer Review

"Omar is the ultimate real estate professional. At our first meeting, he laid out who the Buyer would be, how he would market to the Buyer and exactly what the home would sell for. He delivered on all three within a few days of hitting the market, he delivered on everything. Having dealt with other agents, you can really see the investment he makes of time and money when marketing a property. If you want an aggressive Realtor who will get your home sold, call Omar."

508 N. grandview

  • Asking Price: $229,999
  • SOLD Price: $228,500
  • SP/LP: 99.9%
  • # of agents hired before Omar: 2
  • # of days on Market with Previous Agent: 164
  • Marketed and SOLD by Omar Cotto: 9 days


  1. Staging for the price point didn't allow buyers to see the value of the property.
  2. We had location barriers due to proximity to rail road tracks.
  3. Not single family friendly area which narrowed the market significantly.


  1. Photo enhancements with professional photographer
  2. Enhanced Social Media Marketing to various demographics
  3. Target Men with no children
  4. Target Retirees
  5. Target Older individuals with "Character"
  6. Enhance ONLINE marketing communication to the client
Photos before Omar Cotto
Photos when Listed by Omar Cotto

120 River Oak

Previous List Prices

  • 02/14- $750,000
  • 05/14- $580,000
  • 03/15- $525,000
  • 07/15- $575,000
  • 08/15- $550,000
  • 08/15- $525,000
  • 04/16- $535,000
  • 08/16-$499,999

# of Previous Agents before Omar Cotto: 4


  1. Custom Architect built home which has to be marketed as premium property
  2. Floorplan narrows the buyer pool to small demographic
  3. Has been on and off market since 2014


  1. Narrow market to the consumer via Facebook for targeted market.
  2. Premium video to accent all the qualities that this beautiful home exudes.
  3. Enhanced reverse prospecting to engage the Realtor communities client base
  4. Hardworking agent that is able to effectively communicate with you as if you were still in Seminole County.
Enhance Video

Video will be important for many reason on this property:

  1. It ranks higher on all the major search engines i.e Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Google, and Homes.com
  2. It will help it rank higher and reach further with the Facebook campaign I would be running simultaneously.
  3. Will enhance open rates to the email campaign for the Realtor community.
  4. We will tell the STORY!
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