Winter Wonderland By Kaia sutton and maya marling

Our device started with a funnel made out of wood blocks. We dropped a ball through it and it went through a marble run to a cork board wall with thumbtacks that made a path for the ball. The ball went down it and ran into a truck, which moved. When the truck moved, it knocked over a pyramid of cups because there was a string that attached the truck and the cups. Then, the cups knocked down a line of dominoes, which knocked down a weight that was attached to a pulley, which was attached to the table. Finally, the weight fell off of the table and rung a bell that was on the floor.

Our machine when it is finished
Cup Pyramid
Our machine
Inclined plane
Our machine
Cup tower


Created with images by LadyDragonflyCC - >;< - "Onward & Upward (Series)"

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