Welcome to the Battle For Middle Ground Mixed Pairs + Fours Event

Here's your first athlete info pack


The Winter Soldiers venue is situated around ten miles south of Leicester. The location is quite remote (as you might expect from an aircraft hangar), with no public transport to the venue. Uber does operate in the area if you are not in a car

There are around 350 free parking spaces at the venue


All athletes are required to sign a waiver in order to compete on the day. You have been contacted via Competition Corner email with the online waiver. Please complete the waiver electronically before Wednesday November 13th. If you have not completed the waiver electronically, you will have to sign a paper copy in the registration area. In some cases, we only have one email address on record for teams. Please communicate with your team to ensure they have this athlete pack, and complete the waiver.

The registration area will be split into three sections

  • 1, Team Sign In - This is the first point of registration, in the venue entrance foyer to the left. One team member should approach this table. They will need to know their team name in order to check in. This team member will sign to say they have arrived and collect wristbands for their team.
  • Name Board Collection - After sign in, the next step will be name board collection. Boards will be split into category, and ordered alphabetically. Please know which category you are in!
  • Merchandise Collection - If you have pre-ordered merchandise, you will collect this from the BFMG shop located inside the Hangar. You will need to provide the name and email address used when placing the order.


We are still making the last adjustments to the schedule, and will provide a full weekend timetable within the next week. In the meantime, here are the key timings

Friday November 15th

  • 6:30 - 8 PM - Early team registration (not mandatory)
  • 7 - 8:30 - Team profile photography

Saturday November 16th

  • 7:30 - 10 AM - Team Registration
  • 8:15 - 8:45 - Workout Briefing (not mandatory)
  • 9:00 - Workout One, Heat One. Both floors
  • 8:30 - 4:30 - Team profile photography
  • 3:30 - 4:30 - Early Sunday team registration
  • 5:15 - Scheduled Close

Sunday November 17th

  • 7:30 - 10 AM - Team Registration
  • 8:00 - 8:30 - Workout Briefing (not mandatory)
  • 8:45 - Workout One, Heat One. Both floors
  • 5:45 - Scheduled Close

The event morning briefings are not mandatory to attend. Teams can arrive and register any time up until their first workout time.

What is Team Profile Photography? We have been able to bring in our professional profile photographer who attended Winter Soldiers last year. He will be on hand to create team profile photos that will then be available to download and use. Due to other bookings, we were only able to have him attend on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Sunday teams are welcome to come down on Saturday afternoon to have their photos done if they are available.

See the Saturday and Sunday morning event one times for an indication of when you should arrive by. Please note, these may be subject to very slight change. Teams competing for two days will have their heats redrawn on Saturday evening and their first heat times will be available then


The primary workout briefing will be done online early in the week of the event. We will deliver workouts and guidelines. This will be followed by a post to collect questions regarding the workouts.

Following this, we will respond in full to all common questions. This will be done via email and on social media. At least one member of your team should take the time to consume this information during the week of the event

The briefings on event day mornings will be kept to a minimum, and used to cover any last questions, and possibly to reassure the more nervous amongst you. Each workout will only receive a few minutes of coverage

The event morning briefings are not mandatory to attend. Teams can arrive and register any time up until their first workout time. However, it is the team's responsibility to not only recheck the event schedule on Competition Corner, but also allow plenty of time for warm up, registration, parking, and getting lost in the Leicestershire countryside.

Miss your heat because you arrived late...? Tough luck, you will be fresh for wod 2.


Spectator tickets are available to pre-order from the link below for just £12.95. They will also be available to buy on the weekend for £15.

Spectators will check in via the entrance foyer, staying to the right.


There will be a food vendor in the hangar serving hot food all the day. Those of you who attended the last Hangar event will remember Ed's Urban Eats, and their amazing Tex-Mex food.

One of the biggest perks of attending a BFMG event is unlimited energy drinks! Once again, we will be supported by Red Bull, and their Wings team who will be touring the venue giving away free cans. There will also be numerous coolers dotted around the venue that are kept full of cans for you to take at your leisure!

We know you love coffee! Our long term caffeine friends (or fiends), Extreme Bean, will be on hand all weekend to keep you fuelled and warm!


The Battle For Middle Ground is proud to be sponsored by the following great brands for Trinity War


Wolverson Fitness -https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk/


Foodspring Athletics - https://www.foodspring.co.uk/


Blue Dinosaur - https://bluedinosaur.co.uk/


In addition to our sponsors, you can look forward to visiting the following stores in our vendor area situated in the Hangar


  • Ties on the overall Leaderboard will be broken by awarding the best position to the team who has the highest result in any single event. If teams remain tied after this first tiebreaker, the process continues to their next highest single result, and so forth. Ties will not be broken for single event results. More than one team can share an event rank and each will earn the original point value.
  • Once a scorecard has been signed by a team member, that team has accepted that score. We strongly recommend that you check your score(s) before signing a scorecard. If you have a query on your score, you can request to speak to the head judge of that arena, but only before signing the scorecard. Video, photos, cell phone media or any other media will not constitute grounds for changing or modifying a decision, score or entry made by an event Judge.
  • We expect each and every athlete to treat volunteers and judges with the respect they deserve. If we find that any athlete has been disrespectful towards a member of our team, particularly in the case of swearing at, that athlete, and therefore team, may be removed from the competition.
  • Athletes and spectators are only allowed on to event floor areas when instructed by the athlete control team, or other officials. For safety reasons, please adhere to these guidelines.


Can we bring dogs? - No, the venue does not allow dogs, or any other animals within it's facilities. This includes the track and field areas

Can we bring our own food and drinks? - Yes

Will we able to pay by card? - The majority of vendors will accept card, however you may wish to check with individual brands

Are there shower and changing facilities? - No, there are plenty of toilets, but no dedicated changing facilities or showers within the venue

Any immediate questions? - Please reply to the email we sent this link in and we will endeavour to get straight back to you