Work from Home Business Opportunity with It works global

My name is Amber Elliott and I am partnered with a company called It Works Global. I am so excited to share more about this company and business opportunity with you! And how it has changed my life.

It Works Global is a health and wellness company. Our #1 flagship product is "that crazy wrap thing." It's a body wrap that you can apply anywhere from the chin down, and it tightens, tones, and firms in as little as 45 minutes.

The wrap comes premoistened with an all natural, plant based botanical cream. You simply take it out of the package and apply it to the area you are wrapping.

You then want to secure the wrap in place. We have a breathable fab wrap you can wrap around the area to keep it in place. Or simply use plastic wrap or a tight top.
Staying hydrated is extremely important for best results. So drink plenty of water the day you wrap and the following 3 days.
You will leave the wrap on for 45 minutes (up to 8 hours) and ta da! You're tightened and toned!

One wrap works in your system for 72 hours, so you only want to use one wrap every 3 days. Results are progressive over that time frame. And we recommend targeting one area at a time. While 90% of people see some results with their first wrap, one wrap is just a sample of a treatment. So don't stop there... a full treatment is 4 wraps!

Take a look at what our body wraps do...

ONE wrap! Instant tightening and toning!
ONE wrap! Perfect for that stubborn loose skin when diet and exercise alone don't always improve. They can even reduce cellulite!
and THIS is why you shouldn't stop after one wrap! These results are from one box of 4 wraps!

Our wraps are one of a kind. No one has anything like it! Unlike make up, jewelry, and bags, you can't get our body wraps or anything comparable at Walmart or Target. You can only get them through an Independent Distributor, like me! Making it a very special business opportunity. Your friends want to try these wraps!! They might as well buy them from you!

Now the wraps are our #1 product, but we also have an entire supplement line to support a healthy lifestyle. Including supplements for nutrition, weight loss, sleep, muscle recovery, metabolism, and more.

We also have a line of Greens products. Greens are a superfood powder packed with 38 different fruits and veggies, and they detox and alkalize. They're non GMO, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and allergen free. Greens are perfect for helping to fill in the gaps by adding in nutrition that you are missing from your daily diet. You simply add them into your water or juice, and they're ready to drink! Easy peasy!

One of my favorite parts of our company is our luxurious, botanical based skincare line. I love treating my skin with an all natural routine. It's super simple, and my skin has never felt so good!

We also have protein powders, energy drinks, and an entire line of essential oils.

Every product we carry is top of the line, plant based and high quality. We have an MD on board with our company, who has an extensive background in researching the effects of nutrition and natural remedies on today's common health issues. Making each product we offer a perfect solution for becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Now, what is so amazing is the chance to work from home sharing this one of a kind product with the world! Instead of paying for advertising, It Works Global pays normal people like me and you, to share their product line... and help others work from home too.

I started my home business with It Works two years ago, as a full time working mom. My goal when starting was to make an extra $200-300 a month. I saw the numbers on the income chart and I had a hard time believing there were actually real people making $10,000+ a month selling skinny wraps! Being a 6 figure a year earner wasn't even on my radar. But when I got excited about my business and started sharing it with everyone, my business started growing! I quickly caught the vision for what this could do for me and my family and never looked back.

These are the average earnings of an It Works Distributor. I'm currently a Triple Diamond and my husband is a Double Diamond. What number on this chart would change your life?
These income amounts have changed our life. In less than two years, we were earning 6 figures per year from home! We have both been able to quit our jobs to come home and work our business together full time.

It has been such a blessing to be home, raising our children full time, while still bringing in an incredible income that continues to grow. This isn't just a job. It's a passion. We love sharing this opportunity with others and helping other families just like yours dream again. We are building a legacy for our family, for our children, and we want to help you do the same for yours.

Now we run our business by completing our "Steps to Success"...this is exactly what we do to be successful! We print this worksheet and fill it out month after month.

Step one: is to Join - EASY!

Step two: is to gather 4 Loyal Customers (people who want to try the products at a discount)

Step three: is to gather 3 Distributors. (People who want to make some extra income!)

This is not a requirement, there are absolutely no quotas, but it's a good guideline for how to be successful. This business is SO simple. You're basically sharing the products and helping others work from home. And for completing those steps, you're basically going to be earning at least $500!

Joining is simple!

You'll order your Business Builder Kit right on my website. It's only $99 and includes 4 free body wraps that you can then around and sell for $25 each...making your investment right back (or you can use them on yourself for a personal testimony). Your starter kit also includes 4 sample tubes of Defining Gel, your first month's website, marketing materials, free training and everything needed to get your business up and running. Plus you will have access to me so I can mentor you!

Its a risk free opportunity. There's no commitment, no sales quotas. Parties aren't necessary. Its simply a month to month business.

How do we get paid?

We actually make money a few different ways...

1. We get wraps for a discount and you can sell them for profit. That's instant cash in your pocket.

2. We earn commission off our customers' orders, orders placed by distributors you enroll, and commission off of their customers. This is called residual income.

3. Bonuses. You get $100 every time you enroll a distributor and help them get their first 2 customers in their first 30 days. Right now, when you reach the rank of Ruby in your first 2 months, you get a $500 bonus!! When you reach Diamond in the month of August, you get a $5,000 bonus!! These are absolutely attainable with some dedication and work. And I can mentor you to earn them, like I have.

To stay active, you have a $20 monthly website where your customers place their order and their product gets shipped directly to their doorstep. So it's not necessary to keep an inventory on hand. This takes away the hassle of credit card processing, and being responsible for delivering the product. It's all taken care of for you! This fee also includes your back office portal where you can manage your customers, your team, access training videos and documents, along with countless other reports that make running your business from home so simple!

Then you will have a monthly order of 2-3 products (usually around $100 depending on what you choose) to either use yourself or wraps to sell to be commission qualified. This monthly order is OPTIONAL - but highly recommended so you can guarantee your paycheck, sell wraps, and be a product of the product. When you first start, I recommend just keeping two boxes of wraps coming every month, selling them for $25 each and using that money to pay your next month's auto there's NEVER a cost to owning this business.

Once you sign up, I will be here to train you through everything! The amount of support and friendships you will have is endless. You will never be alone in this! We will launch your business together and work on getting your first customers. You will earn wrap rewards and commission on every order. If for some reason you decide its not for you, no strings attached.

We are in our busy season... so now is the PERFECT time to start!! Plus we have a $500 bonus promotion that you can earn in your first two months!! And a $5,000 Diamond bonus! So there's seriously no better time than NOW :)

Whether you want to make this your full time income and come home to your babies like we have...

or whether you're already a stay at home mom looking to contribute to your family's income... or you're feeling stuck at your job, looking for a plan B... or you simply just want some extra income left over at the end of the month... this can be your answer.

We have the steps and the tools right here to help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking to make an extra $500 a month or an extra $10,000+ a month, it is absolutely possible with this business opportunity.

You simply have to take the leap and get started.

Believe in yourself.

Because you are worth it.

and your family is worth it.

Does this sound like something you are interested in? Are you ready to learn how you can build a business on your own schedule? I would love to talk more with you, about your dreams and how they can be a reality.

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