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More Information on the University

Why Ohio State?

Countless Majors
Large and Beautiful campus

Academics: Considered one of the top 20 public schools in the nation


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60,000 Students

50/50 Sale to Female Ratio

OSU is a great academic school that holds its students to high expectations, while also letting them live a great college experience through an exciting campus life with countless sports, clubs and opportunities through Greek Life

"OSU has an amazing campus, it is in the heart of Columbus so that is really cool too" - Connor Livingston, current student at OSU

At OSU the two most popular majors are Psychology and Finance

If I were to attend, I would study Veterinary Medicine, due to my fascination of animals that my mom has passed on to me

Deadline of Application: Early Admission ends late Fall

Percentage of Applicants admitted: Roughly 50%

Student GPA: Average is a 3.6

Class Rank: 50% were inside top 10%

ACT scores: 50% scored between 28 and 32

SAT scores: 50% scored between 1290 and 1430

Letters of Recommendation: Required but not super important

Interview: Not required


This the average two person dorm at the college

"The dorms are no that big or exciting, but it is where you meet everyone your first year at campus, so that makes it fun" - Connor Livingston, current student at OSU

Any Application Fees: 60$

Tuition: $10,000

Room and Board: $11,000

Food Plan (choose one or take an average amount): Roughly $4,000

Lab Fees: (if available): $75-$100 per course

Miscellaneous/Other: Football tickets- $1500

Meal Plan

Dining Dollars are yours to use at any Student Life Dining Services location. They are included in every dining plan to give you additional flexibility to eat what and where you want. You’ll get a discount on all your food purchases using Dining Dollars. They roll over every semester as long as you are enrolled. Cost is $1,850 per semester

Campus Involvement

Outside of class, students have multiple opportunities to get involved in club sports, intramural sports, countless clubs, sporting events, and Greek life

Famous Alumni

John Kasich

Les Wexner

R.L. Stine

Personal Reflection

What really stood out to me about OSU was the amazing campus and the countless opportunities that it gives to you, from hundreds of majors to sports to campus life, OSU has it all

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