There is only one way-- UP! By: Amy ramirez

Beginning my spring semester, I had many different skills I needed to enhance. I was still confused on some of the key points needed for writing an essay. Such points are things like writing a thesis, perfecting the proper way to cite sources (because they are so many things to consider and include), and adapting my writing style to different audiences.

In a way I could say that I felt like my head was cloudy and dark with uncertainty coming into class. I wanted to improve myself and remove these clouds so I can easily see my ideas and thoughts!

* When you're trying to have a positive attitude about class but you're also really confused*

Unit 1

In unit one, I had to deal with an old time skill I knew I was bad at and so I hated:


*My face exactly*

But, Adele had made a great point in saying that is it easier to make a strong argument when we discuss something we are very passionate about. When I realized this is valid, I made sure to find something I did not mind writing about, something that I felt needed to be said. From there on out, writing my main argument was easy and ideas flowed naturally. I was confident in myself and the ideas I was getting. The clouds in my mind were slowly beginning to vanish.

Unit 2

As the class progressed, so did the techniques we needed to learn. We were officially on unit two and we were now assigned how create an annotated bibliography. I did not know what it was or how to go about completing it, I just knew it sounded scary.


Something that I was thankful for was that we were working with classmates and split the work load. Things should have been easier but it did not turn out that great. My annotated bibliography caused me a bad grade.

Luckily I was given a second chance to get extra credit on the assignment. I did not miss this chance and created a simple step-by-step instruction on how to make an annotated bibliography with examples of my own

With this extra practice, I believe I improve myself and this skill. I have a much better grade and now the clouds are vanishing more and more!

Unit 3

Came unit three of the semester and the main focus was about ethical dilemmas and applying it to any University of Arizona policy. I had some trouble of correctly identifying what the ethical dilemma was. It is difficult to say what the dilemma is especially when your beliefs come into play and take over your mind frame.

Once I had an idea of what the dilemma was, I began thinking about how to make more than just the students concerned (given that I focused on the dilemma of financial aid) but also to the guardians and faculty of the university. It is something that can concern many and need to be addressed.

The discussions assignments allowed us to see the different perspectives of one another all the time so we were able to see the pros and cons. With this practice I was then able to consider the different audiences and how to make them care about what I wrote about. I need to make sure they all understood and same why my argument mattered-- being concise and careful.

Once I knew how my argument would pan out, I definitely knew how to address my readers and felt more confident of my writing. Its always important to plan out your steps!

More and more the clouds left and ideas shone through!

Overall, I am happy to see my growth and understanding of writing techniques. With all the practice I had, I have little to no clouds and will always have shining ideas to use for my writing!


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