How Young is Too Young? By The Genealogy Kids

2018 was a wild year for us. The Genealogy Kids have a new little partner … there are SEVEN kiddos here now!

So how early is too early to introduce your kid to genealogy? That’s a silly question.

First of all, this mom did an awful lot of genealogy research with her trusty laptop while laying on the couch enduring a long, arduous pregnancy … so Baby should have been getting some good family history vibes in utero. But seriously, I want to introduce her to her ancestry as fast as I can. If children are more resilient, stronger, happier, smarter, well-rounded people when they know their own family history, then NOW is the time to start sharing family history with the little one.

She’s not old enough to read names on pedigree charts. And looking at black & white geographic patterns may be more developmentally stimulating than black & white ancestor photos. But if I can create an environment in our home where family history is important and where we talk about and visualize our family history regularly … if I can make it a regular habit, then Baby (and all of the kids) are on a good path. The Genealogy Kids website is a journal of our efforts. And this little girl gets to come along for the ride … I hope she likes visiting cemeteries and celebrating ancestors’ birthdays.