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Hello! My name is Lauren Holdredge. I am currently a Junior at Liberty University. I am dual enrolled in Elementary Education and Special Education. This portfolio contains all of the major projects that I worked on in my Education 240 class. This class is an introduction to applied educational technology.

There were four main projects that I completed in this class. There was the interactive student response system, flipped classroom lesson, interactive presentation, and a WebQuest. Below are explanations of my work done for this class.

Interactive Student Response System

The goal of this assignment was to create a mini-lesson formative assessment.

Lauren Holdredge Monica Verra

Name of lesson: Do you know your Measurements?

Course: Math

SOL: Measurement

2.11 The student will estimate and measure

a) length to the nearest centimeter and inch;

b) weight/mass of objects in pounds/ounces and kilograms/grams, using a scale; and

c) liquid volume in cups, pints, quarts, gallons, and liters.

Grade Level: 2nd grade

Learning objective: Given the poll questions, the class should be able to answer 80% correct for each question.

Below is a video explaining how the students would take the formative assessment.

Flipped Classroom Lesson

EDUC 240 Flipped Lesson

The goal of this assignment was to create a flipped lesson where the students learn information at home and then the teacher is able to focus more on activities in class.

Lesson Title: Discover the Explorers

Course/ Subject/ Grade Level: Social Studies 3rd grade

SOLs: 3.3 The student will study the exploration of the Americas by a) describing the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de León, Jacques Cartier, and Christopher Newport; b) identifying the reasons for exploring, the information gained, the results of the travels, and the impact of the travels on American Indians.

Objective: Given the links to the websites and videos, the children will research and take notes at home about the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon, Jacques Cartier, and Christopher Newport then the students will be able create a skit in class of what they have learned with 1/1 correct.

Time Needed: ½ hour at home and 1 ½ hours in class.

(at-home expectation and in-class expectation)

Materials (In-Class): The students will bring their notes that they filled in at home. The students will be able to use props in their skits.

Materials (At-Home):

You will research and watch videos about the four major explorers while answering questions on the worksheet given to you in class.

Christopher Columbus-

Juan Ponce de Leon-

Jacques Cartier-

Christopher Newport-

At-Home Activities: On the student’s computer at home, they will watch the videos provided on adobe spark. As they are watching the videos, they will answer questions on a worksheet that was given to them in class.

(location, activities, videos, created content)

In-Class Activities: The class will go over their answers they wrote on their worksheet. We will discuss the right answers to make sure the students know the correct information before moving on. After this, the class will be broken up into four groups. Each group will be assigned one explorer. In the groups, the students will create a skit about the explorer and the important contributions they did. Once they have come up with the skit, each group will share with the class.

(activities, built on at-home, guided vs independent work)

Evaluation: The students will write one major contribution for each explorer on a piece of paper.

Below is a video explaining how the flipped lesson would work.

Interactive Presentation

The goal of this assignment is to create activities for a mini-lesson using Smart Board Notebook software that encourages student interaction with the lesson.

Lesson Plan:

• Created by: Lauren Holdredge and Monica Verra

• Name of the Lesson: Easy as PIE

• Course and SOL: Reading. 4.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction texts, and poetry. a) Explain the author’s purpose.

• Grade level: Fourth Grade

• Learning Objective(s): Given a Nearpod quiz, the students will answer 3/3 questions correctly.

Given one poll question, the students will answer the question correctly.

Below is a video explaining this assignment.

Webquest/ Collaborative/ Reflective Lesson

The goal of this assignment was to create a blog or some sort of reflective digital writing for students. My partner and I created a WebQuest that included an introduction, task, process, conclusion, and evaluation.

Below is a video of an explanation of the WebQuest.

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