Lacrosse By brendan orr

What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a very fun sport, if you know how to play I here to teach you about lacrosse fundamentals, gear, players, and nearly everything you need to know on how to be the best lacrosse player you can be. Just read along and you will know everything you need to know about the basics of lacrosse.


Have you heard of lacrosse? Probably, right? Team vs Team. That sport where you use a crosse to shoot goals and is a 9v9 on fairly big field? If you haven't gotten it it’s that weird sport, that looks like hockey on the ground. (no, not field hockey). Well if you know absolutely nothing about lacrosse than you’re in the right place. I’m here to teach lacrosse basics, rules, gear, and all those extra things that you might want to know.

First Step of the Race

First thing you’re going to need to know is that lacrosse can be a rough sport. It was made by the Native Americans anyway. You think they care? You probably have no sense of being modern day civilized. Anyway, the gear is pretty good unless it’s very cheap. Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. One of the biggest things in lacrosse. Annoying things can really ruin your performance. Also once you start off, start off on a team that doesn't play in tournaments/have a season (unless you’re a natural born player) because they will be far too hard for your level. If you want to get better quickly I would recommend you practice every day. Lots and lots of fundamentals in lacrosse. You will have to adapt to your stick because nearly every stick is different like a snowflake.

Slashes, Crosschecks, and Penalties, Oh My!

If you’re going to play lacrosse then you need to know the rules of the game. You need to keep your crosse below the shoulders and above the waist when you’re trying to push somebody out of bounds.. Do not be very aggressive and lower your shoulder. You are not allowed to push and NEVER aim for the head. Penalty every time. People will be rough and the ref might not call it every time. That doesn't you change your game in anyway. You can try and bend penalties secretly using special gear and little tricks. Just be very careful because you can be kicked out of a game just for doing that. One kind of way is to wrap tape around the part where you’re crosse and head combine so you can grap onto it and have better control over you’re crosse during face-offs. That’s probably the most simplest trick because refs won’t see that you’re holding the head of the crosse. You are NOT allowed to use any type of training/special gear such as a laser aim (help your shot), a pocket that allows the ball to be lower than the plastic of your crosse head,

Who Not to Go Near

Of course, there will be very good players that you are going to play against and I’m going to help recognize who they are. If they’re big then they’re most likely rough. Lots of teams with exact matching gear have been playing since they could all hold a stick. If you see a guy that is a defender and will not get off his man, he’s probably a very good defender. You can scare people off too. Even if you’re shorter than the rest. Look at Bellarmine’s (college) team defense in 2013. More than half the team is just over 5 feet! The average of a lacrosse player is a little over 6 feet.

I hope that you learned from this article and that you become the best player in the world. No, kidding. I do hope that you learned though. You will need other instructions as you advance but I’m happy to get you going in possibly the best sport ever.

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