Going Places: The Itinerary Scroll on to find out exactly what goes down when you spend a day with us at Going Places.

By now you will know why Going Places has been curated, and exactly what we here at Vagaband are all about. So, we thought it about time to present to you a timeline of the day, explaining what you can expect when you attend one of our workshops. Read on to find a breakdown of the day into segments, and a short description of what each segment will cover.

You might notice we haven't assigned specific timeframes to each part, that's because, due to the dynamic nature of our courses, these will depend on you and thus are subject to change... We can however guarantee three set times throughout the day: Arrival, Lunch, and Departure... go ahead and check it out!

09.30: Coffee, Tea and Pastry

There's really no better way to start the day. This is where it all begins; participants will be able to grab some morning energy in the form of delicious pastries and an accompanying drink, whilst mingling with other course-goers and of course the Vagabandits helping run your session. This will also be the period in which we sort out the practical stuff, you know, registration, the ice-breaking activities we all love.

Segment I: Who are we? The existential crisis we forget that everyone is going through.

Does anyone ever really know who they are? After explaining our rules of engagement for the day, we want to make sure you know who we are as a company, our history, mission and aspirations. Then we want to find out who you are, your history, mission and aspirations for your travels ahead. This is where you will 'Meet Your Traveller Self' whilst hearing the lowdown on our Vagabandits and their own stories of self discovery.

Segment II: What if it all goes pear-shaped? (Part 1)

Are you up-to-date on common travel scams and do you know how to avoid them? What do you do in the face of robbery or theft? How would you respond in the case of a fire, an earthquake? Are you clued up on medical emergency response and prevention, and do you know how your Vagaband can help? We can provide not only the answers to these problems, but also real-life and practical plans of action/ prevention to help you stay calm and in control even when things go pear-shaped.

Segment III: Breakout the questions.

This is the first of the two breakout sessions of the day. It is a chance for you to connect with our Vagabandits, asking the real questions; getting answers to the stuff you can't find online. They will give you the raw truths of travel, based on their own experiences and will expand on what to do if you're stuck in a sticky situation when travelling.

12.45: Food trucks n' Chill

Take a walk, carry on talking to our Vagabandits, do whatever you want, as long as you're doing it with some food in your hands. Our workshops are catered by the groovy food trucks of Borough Market, offering you the most delicious treats fresh from the neighbourhood. Fill up before you gear yourself up to dive into further discussion!

Segment IIII: Travelling Resiliently

This part of Going Places will bring the focus back to you. What does it mean to travel resiliently and how do you make sure you are doing just that? We will discuss resilience in the context of culture shock and how to prepare, cultural sensitivity and how to stay aware, and the practicalities of remaining calm in situations of emergency...and how exactly a Vagaband ID wristband can be of help in such situations.

Segment V: What if it all goes pear-shaped? (Part 2)

Having discussed the commonly-addressed faces of dilemmas abroad (theft, medical emergencies, etc), it's now time to get personal and discuss what to do when things impact upon your intimate environment. Personal safety and well-being, Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Harassment, Stalking. We want you to know what to do in these situations.

Segment VI: Breakout the concerns (and biccies)

This is our second breakout session and it is specifically aimed at unravelling the most personal of your concerns. For this reason, the first part of this session will see participants divided by gender, enabling people to bring up personal concerns that might otherwise be uncomfortable to talk about . Nonetheless, we recognise the importance of open and honest discussion, and so, during the latter half of this session, we will come together as a group to relay any gender-sepcific concerns we think we all need to be aware of. This will also be an opportunity to grab those mid-day biccies and a hot drink to refuel.

Segment VII: Sex, Drugs, and Stupidity

You heard it here first, we're bringing the 'bad' words to the forefront of discussion. We know these things play a big part in travels abroad, and we want you to leave behind the stupidity we so often hear about, replacing it with knowledge, understanding and active engagement with these topics and everything they concern. This session will discuss the social aspect of travelling and is the perfect time for you to pull anything we've missed to our attention and get answers!

Segment VIII: Being Practical

We want to end on an unfaltering note of preparedness and practicality. This is the part where we tell you what things you need to keep you safe. From the bog standard medical kit, to the quirky bits we've figured out along the way (you'll want to hear about why you need to pack one of those same jingly bells used to entertain our feline friends)... we are going to advise you on how to create the ultimate travel safety kit!

Adieu: Safe Travels and Farewell

We will finish at 17.30 (boo hoo), but, before you leave, we want to present you with a wonderful destination-specific Vagaband, alongside your personalised course certificate (as endorsed by the National Geographic Society). Before you say bye you will also have the chance to raise any final concerns you may have and offer feedback to all of our course facilitators!

Did you know that, amongst the cobbled streets surrounding London's Gherkin, there lies the city's only permanent Bedouin Tent?

Secretly tucked away, just minutes from the Gherkin, and enclosed in a beautiful garden courtyard, is the Bedouin Tent of St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

This beautiful location in Bishopshgate is where our Going Places courses will be situated.

Originally a Church of England, St Ethelburga's was bombed and badly damaged by the IRA in 1993. Upon its restoration, it was launched as a non-profit charity which aims to build relationships across divisions of Conflict, Culture and Religion: St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

St Ethelburga shares two of its spaces: The Nave and The Bedouin Tent. They describe the tent as being 'built on principles of sacred geometry', 'a harmonious space where people can meet as equals'.

As you can see, it is a unique space (the only of it's kind in London), set in a beautiful garden courtyard and surrounded by a Lebanese fountain, bedouin-style lamps and an olive tree. Built upon values of understanding, compassing, and calamity, as soon as we found it, we knew it was perfect.

This tent was designed by Professor Keith Critchlow — an expert in 'sacred geometry' — and has 16 sides.

Instead of using specifically religious symbols, Critchlow used the universal languages of geometry, algebra and astronomy to make the structure.

We will run our courses from within this beautiful tent, bringing people together in an environment that was specifically created to unite people from all over, we look forward to seeing you there!

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