Welcome to Lima By Lucia Perez & Nuria Olivares

Why would you have to choose lima for going on Holidays? Let's see.


The population in Lima is 9,950,000 of people in 2016.

They are called LIMEÑOS if they are male and LIMEÑAS for female


The Peruvian currency used is the Nuevo Sol. 1€ is 3.61 Nuevos soles.


Lima is the capital and the largest city of Perú.It is located in the central costal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Lima's proximility to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean leads to temperatures much cooler than those expected for a tropical desert. Temperatures rarely fall bellow 14ºC in winter or rise above 29ºC in summer . The best season to go is on summer because it is the warmest.

tipical food

Lomo saltado and ceviche are two of the most popular dishes.

Some time before, more or less at the 19th century they used to called lomito de vaca to the lomo saltado.
Insted of drinking Cocacola, they drink Inca Kola that is the same but in yellow and it with a diferent good taste.
This is the ceviche, a tipe of fish.

In Lima there are two of the most important restaurants in the world that are : Astrid & Gastón and Maido

important people

Important People: Saint Rose was the first roman catholic, Alan Garcia is an ex-president of Perú, Julio Ramón was a writter, Arena Hash was a musician band, Sofia Mulanovich is the world champion surfer and Teodófilo Cubillas is a football player.


Francisco Pizarro foundate Lima (Perú) in 1535. Is the16th most popular city in the world and the 2nd largest capital located in a desert (after Cairo).


The most important places are: Malecón de Miraflores, Centro histórico de Lima, Parque Kennedy and also these places...

There is a shopping center called Larcomar on a cliff overlooking the sea. But now it's closed because there was a fire on November.


To go there you have to take the plane that it takes 12 hours from Madrid and, don't forget that there are 6 hours less than in Spain nowand when we change the hours there are 7 hours less. Public transportation in Lima is handed by buses, micros, taxicabs, subway ... The transport much common is the micro that is like a microbuss and you can go where ever you want.


They speak Spanish, but depending on the area there are diferent words and diferent accents, like:

Pe = Pues / Luquear = Mirar / Yunaites = Estados Unidos / Viejos = Padres / Popaya = Muy fácil / Mica = Camisa / Chamba = Trabajo / Remar = Comer / Carro= Coche / Pitillo = Pajita / Lenteja = Lento

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