WesternSky Community Care Grant: Anti-Hunger and Wellness Program (Las Cruces) - WesternSky awards CFSNM with $25,000 for southern new mexico nonprofits

More than ever, the availability to access health care and service programs for children and families are essential.

“Our Anti-Hunger and Wellness program supports children’s developmental milestones by providing consistent, nutritious meals that encourage healthy eating habits over the weekend and during holidays to increase attentiveness, food security and the overall well-being of the children and families that Jardin de los Niños serves." -Michelle Adames, PhD Executive Director

Given the magnitude that children need healthy development and opportunities early in life, Jardin de los Niños, strives for that environment. At their highest capability, families and their children can both grow together to have a positive impact in each other’s lives. The Western Sky Grant redesigns the focus to revolve around a child’s environment. The anti-hunger and wellness program that Jardin de los Niños provide serve the mission that connects our communities.

For more information about this micro-grant opportunity, or to receive direction on applying in 2021 for the WesternSky Community Care grant, email the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico at info@cfsnm.org, or call the CFSNM office at 575-521-4794.