My Experience at Constans Theater Elizabeth Potts

Spatial Experience

Entering the theater felt like I was entering a sacred space. The theater size was big enough to contain an event yet small enough to house an intimate performance. The Usher lead me to the front row, right center of the story that was going to be portrayed before me. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, looking at the scenery set before us of beds and a snowfall backdrop, wondering how the props will work into the plot of the play. When the lights dimmed, signaling the show was about to start, the theater fell silent. A feeling of excitement came over me, not knowing what type of story will unfold before my eyes.

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Social Experience

Preparing for the play was a rehearsal in it's own. My friend and I had gotten ready together, eating pizza as we put on our makeup and dresses. During this time we had a conversation about our day and events that was going to happen over the weekend. Attending the performance together felt as an unique event, one that we had not yet experienced together. We chatted with our seat neighbors on our thoughts of the performance at intermission. After the performance we were able to discuss more of what we thought of the play, bringing about meaningful conversation that we would not have had if we did not experience the theater together.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt had many underlying themes. One theme portrayed was the destruction and exploitation of the young, poor and innocent. The other main theme portrayed was shedding light to the inequalities in the religious and social systems. The main character, Michaud, found refuge in the healing capability of the theater, and this allowed him to face all the misfortunes of his peers in reality. Before attending this performance I was aware of the social and religious societal corruptness in reality, but I was unaware of how the theater can preach gently to the audience while seeking for truth. This was a comforting new way of looking at societal problems that are often preached at a listening audience too harshly, often of what we see today in political views.

Emotional Experience

I was unaware of how the theater can be a form of catharsis for addressing societal issues in a safe space until after my experience at Constans Theatre. In the talk back with the actors after the performance, one question asked to the performers was, "To what extent do you believe theater can bring about social change and why?". After hearing this question I began to think to myself how the theater can really impact society. The theater is a safe space to explore social issues and different ideas of solving these problems. Through this exploration, actors and society can see the repercussions of actions through interaction on stage. Later, these issues can be addressed in reality after different solutions have been acted out and portrayed.

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