Hyderabad city of many

I have been to Hyderabad before 4 years almost, with my mother, ant, and cousin. This journey means so important to me because i was with my best people and Hyderabad was the best city i visited in the world. While we had landed there; we made up our trips plane. I was wondering about the city’s landscapes, they were totally wonderful. There were many marvelous and majestic places we would visit in Hyderabad such as Charminar, mecca masjid, heritage palaces like old Indian princess palaces which, have many centuries. We basically went to India because we had our relative’s wedding so, we decided going to charming which, is the most popular city for Indian traditional clothes that look so much fancy and they are appropriate for weddings and big ceremonies. My mother bought so much brightening and many dress as well as I got the colorful bracelets and accessories. I was pleasant during that day with my lovely dress and joyful party. The second trip that I will not forget is Mecca Masjid which, was based before many years. It is a masjid or mosque that was built with complicated engineering graphics. It was owned by so much rich prince.

My Journey to Hyderabad was fantastic with visiting the three trips. Looking at the huge palaces and listen about its strange stories and the miracles that happened on that times. The city was full of delicious and spicy food. They were creative in designing their products. Indian people were busy, creative, happy, humble, and traditional, this what I truly love Indian people. I strongly recommend all people who is impressed with heritage places going to Hyderabad the capital city of southern state.

A scene of bridalware shops in Laad Bazaar, near the Charminar
Hyderabadi biryani
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Jawaher Mohamed

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