Jewish Holocaust By Megan Sheesley

Initial Understanding

My understanding of what the Holocaust was is a horrible period of time were racial groups, mainly Jews, were targeted by Nazi's around Europe.


This project for me has not really changed my perspective on the Holocaust. I have always thought and believed that the Holocaust was completely unnecessary since it was mainly about racism.

What was the reason for the Nazi's targeting the Jews?

Ultimately the reason to target the Jews was a racial cleansing that Hitler wanted to put in place to create the perfect Aryan population. The main focus was Jews because the Nazi's believed they had grown to such great power and had some kind of control and that they were sub-human. To the Nazi's they had used this power to stab Germany in the back in the First World War.

Anne Frank

I chose Anne Frank for the person that exemplifies courage because even tho she was under life and death circumstances she still found the time to write down her life and give us a permanent record of the struggle of being hunted by the Nazis. Anne truly gives us a true insight into a teenage from that time period. A teenage life were you want to go out and have fun and have friends but instead you and your entire family are stuck in the attic to live there for months fighting for your lives.

Current event tie in

For me the election if Donald Trump reminds me of the Holocaust because he spreads so much hate. He seems to only want white Americans and targets Muslims and Hispanics. He reminds me of Hitler in the way that they both show racism to people they feel they are above

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