Bottlenose dolphins can live for a long time, a normol bottlenose life span is 40 years old. Wow that's old!

Dolphins use echolocation to survive in the ocean, to a dolphin that is a map using a wave of sound to find a friend. You could hear a dolphin's sound wave from here in Sandhurst to Cornwall.

As well as being friendly they also have to have a defence weapon. Most dolphins don't have sharp teeth so they use their bulging tails and flippers which could kill a human being.

Friendship matters to a dolphin especially river dolphins who hunt and travel in a pod. If any dolphin had no friends you'd be staying on the outside of the pod where you are not protected against sharks or any other large predators.

Dolphins can jump about 14ft in the the air, that's about the size of a surfer wave.

A dolphin can weigh up to 1,100 lbs.


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