🔥fire and ice❄️ by : josh lee

some say the world will end in fire,

some say in ice.

from what iv'e tasted of desire

i hold with those who favor fire.

but if it had to perish twice,

i think i know enough hate

to say that for destruction of ice

is also great

and would suffice.

paragraph/ the narrator is comparing fire and ice on how people think the world will end. i believe the tone could be ironic because the narrator is taking the opposite of a litteral meaning of fir and ice. the narrator says "from what i have tasted of desire" which means he has had a personal experience.

theme/ the theme of the poem is taste and destruction because the fir and ice represent destruction and taste represents what the narrator says from the text "from what i have tasted of desire".

fire is the symbol for desire and ice is the symbol hate.


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