Tour of the Harn Museum of Art Aaron goldberg

Medium of the Art

Me and an untitled sculpture by Joel Shapiro

This sculpture is made of white bronze which is the medium of which the art is made. The artist, Joel Shapiro, is known for his abstract work in which he uses different materials and shapes to express the spontaneity and the energy of the human form. He uses the material and colors from the sculpture to emit human emotions from ecstasy to struggle. Other materials Shapiro often use are wood, plaster, and bronze. This sculpture expresses the complexity of the human form by putting different shapes at varying angles. The material helps create a simplistic emotion to help the viewer recognize the complexity of the form.

Design of the Museum

Me and the layout of the Latin American art exhibit

The design and layout of this exhibit was very spread out and open. There was plenty of lighting to help illuminate all of the art, and give all of the pieces a focal point. I enjoyed this exhibit the most because of how open it was. It made it easy to get around to view all of the art work, and to gain experiences from the artwork. I felt that I was able to get a better understanding of some of the customs in Latin American countries, and the way of life there.

Art and Core Values

Me and the Family sculpture by Agustin Cardenas

This sculpture by Agustin Cardenas uses simple curves and shapes to convey the image of a family; two parents holding a child on their lap. To many people around the world, family is a core value that is very important to them. People are willing to do more for, and forgive family more than other people, which shows the true value of family. This work appeals to me because family has a very important place in my heart. When I saw this sculpture, I instantly thought of my mom and dad back home. After seeing this, I realized how much I missed spending time and talking to my parents. Through this, I was reassured how much family means to me and how I will do anything for them.

Art and the Good Life

Me and a print of Frida Kahlo and Emmy Lou Packard

This print of Frida Kahlo and Emmy Lou Packard expresses the Good Life because it challenges us to think of how this picture became so popular in a time where women's rights were not as strong as they are today. This image shows a symbiotic relationships in which Emmy Lou is dressed in Frida's clothes because of Emmy Lou's jealousy of Frida. Emmy Lou has her hair in the same way as Frida, and the picture shows that both women seem to beat ease with each other, like lovers or sisters. During this time, two women that showed emotions toward each other like the picture conveys would experience injustices because this was not their "role" in society. The picture express the Good Life theme of emobodying the Good Life because Emmy Lou changes her appearance to what she thinks she has to look like to make herself happy and content with life. The print adds to my understanding of this theme of the Good Life by giving me a visual representation of what the theme means.


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