Great Scott! Photography by brian grossenbacher

Fly rods don’t take up a lot of space. So when you decide you want to fish Scott Lake Lodge near the border of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, it’s not out of the question to travel the first leg of the adventure via motorcycle all the way to Saskatoon, where you’ll catch a plane north. It might sound like a hassle, but the reasons for making such a trip are many: the endless wilderness, the aurora, the long hours of fishing light, and. . .
. . . the chance to catch really big northern pike.
Here, big is all-encompassing, and for many reasons. We’re talking the sizes of the flies, the bone-jarring takes, the all-out wrestling matches, views that are virtually unsullied by human habitation—from the lakeshore all the way to the North Pole— and pike specimens that stretch greater than 40 inches.

Last August, Brian Grossenbacher and a friend fished for trophy pike and lake trout in far northern Saskatchewan at Scott Lake Lodge (scottlakelodge.com), which boasts more than 1 million acres of fishable water. In these cold waters, pike can live 30 years or more and grow to great lengths. See more of Brian’s work at grossenbacherphoto.com.

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Photography by Brian Grossenbacher