My life goals. by: Sarajane darnell

My 1 year life goal.

One of my one year goal is to be a better student overall, mainly I want to improve my grades precisely for my future and focus on that and school only. I want this because I want something to look forward to when I'm older or close to being in college. I want to focus on myself for me to do these things. So therefore i know who i can be without worrying about failing and instead being successful.

My second goal would be to at least by then to have a job and possibly a very good paying job that I enjoy. Somewhere close to school so I have a good time schedule. I want to accomplish this because I want to learn early for what I'm doing later on in life.

My third goal would be to try other sports just to try new things as a junior while i am still in high school. I want this so be accomplished reason being is i want to know what other activities I'm good or can do, and I can also get more involved in school things to improve everything socially for when I'm older.

My fourth and last goal would bet to actually accomplish being a role model for other people who struggle in things I struggled in the past. I want this because I've never been a role model, I've always had role models. I've always wanted to be one though and those people always inspired me to do that.

My Three year goal..

One of my three year life goal would be to get into Arizona State University. I want to achieve this most of all because I want to make my parents happy, and mostly my dad because he is always on my case about life.

I would also be about 18 years old, so I would want to meet my biological mom at least and learn about my self and why I am like I am right now. And to go to where I am from which is Liberia.

Another one of my goals would to get an apartment, a really nice one too. And have a nice set up. I will achieve this by getting my job by then a good paying one so i can pay off my rent.

My last goal would be to actually be nice to my family and to see my cousins in Oregon who moved from here. I would probably go by myself and maybe with the person i would be dating. Reason being because none of my family get along and i want them to.

My Five year goals.. and most important goals :)

My first goal would to be in a house by then. Accomplishing this would be hard if i want a nice and big house, but i will do this by earning money by me being a great lawyer.

Another goal following my last goal would be to travel to paris and to Dubai I definitely want to accomplish this by working so hard and saving up so much to get every moment out of these 2 trips.

My 3rd goal would be to possibly write a book for fun and see where that goes just for on my free time. I would like to accomplish this for my well being and my self accomplishments.

My last goal would be to get ready for life itself without college and see what my future future will be and how it would be. I want to plan out my grown up adult life for myself to know that I'm going to do well in life.


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