Religions of the World #senseofplace

Uttarakhand, India

Saturday, June 4 - Hinduism is an incredibly colorful religion. It consists of lots of beautiful scenery and architecture, I saw a lot of very interesting clothing styles. These pictures are of the beautiful Badrinath, which is a incredible temple that was made to give their gods, Shiva & Parvati, a place to live. There is a whole story that goes along with this temple and how Shiva lost his home. It is very important to their religion and gets about 9,25,998 visitors a year.

The Old City of Jerusalem

Sunday, June 5 - Islam is a very old religion I have learned, and in fact started 610 EC. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the holiest sites for the Islamic religion, and is located in Jerusalem. It can also be referred to as the al-Haram ash-Sharif or Temple Mount. Muslims believe the Muhammad transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to al-Aqsa. So it is a very powerful building to the religion as a whole, and includes 17 gates to represent the 17 months that Muhammad spent in the building.

Rupandehi District of Nepal

Monday, June 6 - Buddhism is very popular religion and around 500 million people identify as buddhist's. Lumbini is the place in which Buddhist believe that Queen Mayadevi gave birth to her son Siddhartha Gautama. So essentially this is a place where the prince was born and this is also his place of enlightenment. When i visited there were many young boys in long red robes. A lot of people say their prayers here. The son then became Buddha after his enlightenment and has been Buddhists idol since.

Bethlehem, Jerusalem

Tuesday, June 7 - One of the most sacred sites for Christianity is the birth place of Jesus which is in Bethlehem. Christians believe that the virgin Mary carried a baby that was 100% man and 100% God. And gave birth to him in bethlehem in a manger. I was very surprised to see the manger was nothing like I had imagined. Its a very beloved site and was very miraculous to see. I would also love to visit the place of Jesus crucifixion.


Wednesday, June 8 - The synagogue is really beautiful and very breath taking. I learned that the synagogue is the place of worship and religious gatherings for the Islamic religion. They also do their religious practices in here. But i noticed that a lot of the people were tourist so at this point, this specific one is more of a tourist attraction. It was very cool to see all the architecture and symbols that represent the depths of their religion. I had a lot of fun touring the worlds most sacred sites.


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