Cookie Cutter Shark George Berry

The name "Cookie Cutter" is misleading. It is given for the shape of the bites they leave, but "Ice Cream Scoop Shark" would be more accurate.
Bite marks from a cookie cutter shark.
The cookie cutter shark lives at depths of 3200 feet below sea level during the day. At night they migrate vertically to feed.
Full image of the cookie cutter shark.
The shark's underside glows due to light-emitting organs in its orange skin. Some think it is for luring predators, hiding in moonlight, or even as a distraction to predators.
Diagram of the shark
They typically feed on animals much bigger than them, whales, tuna, other sharks, etc. They have even bitten humans, but they are not a danger to us.
Cute drawing of Chef Cutter.
They have been known to even bite chunks out of nuclear submarines in the 1970s. Domes once covered in neoprene were now covered in fiberglass to prevent this problem.

Motto: A cookie cutter can cut flesh like butter!

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