Welcome to Sandburg! Guidance Department

Role of the Counselor

Social Emotional Support / Academic Help / Course Selection / College & Career Planning

Team Approach: Counselor, Social worker, Dean

Location: The Guidance Office is located off of the cafeteria

Contact: Any questions you have, contact your counselor!

Your Daily Schedule

Your attendance is mandatory

The day starts with ADVISORY

WEDNESDAY LATE START: No 0 hour and no advisory

Follow the bell schedule by logging into each teacher's google meet link at the time designated

When schedule moves to hybrid, you will follow this same schedule.

How to Read Your Schedule

Schedule Changes:

Level changes first 9 weeks- talk to your teacher and counselor


Make Connections- Same teachers and students all 4 years

Announcements, Academic and Social Support

Opportunity to get help from your teachers

Technology Expectations

Be on time to class

Follow the same rules as a classroom

Be respectful

Mute yourself when your teacher is talking

Email: help@d230.org

If you device is not working

Need a new charger

Starting off on the Right Foot

Good habits (grades count from day 1, complete all hw assignments)

Treat remote learning like a regular school day

Keep track of your assignments (planner, phone organizer)

Communication: talk with your teachers for extra help opportunities

Get involved!!