MY UTOPIA materialstic mania

My Utopia is a mansion. This mansion includes for entertainment: a movie theatre, bowling alley, laser tag room, a mall, comparable to southgate and a ball pit

for food: a food court, with an unlimited supply of gourmet meals and convenience store snacks

the mansions features: 15 bedrooms (for all my friends :/), 15 bathrooms, solar power panels, wifi, a slide transporting you to different rooms, many secret rooms and hallways to add a little mystery. The location of the mansion is completely isolated so it cannot be found.


This utopia relates back to the Lord of the Flies because my mansion offers safety and excitement within isolation taking away all the stress and fear like the kids on the island experience due to their lonliness


Created with images by MabelAmber - "manor estate mansion" • bones64 - "house sunrise victorian" • P_R_F - "John Clarke mansion, 46 Circular St., Saratoga Springs NY (1834)"

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