Discrimination Against Women IN india By: Karisma hart

discrimination happens to all women across the world but mainly to women who cant protect themselves

Women in the world are discriminated against daily by the people around them. Women as a whole, no matter what country they live in, should come together to help fight for gender equality and to stop discrimination.

Women coming together to fight discrimination

It is a worldwide fact that women are treated poorly compared to men. In many countries women are denied some of the same rights as men.

“Young girls are denied the same levels of health care and nutrition and the economists Siwan Anderson and Debraj Ray have estimated that, for all these reasons, there are 2 million fewer women in India than there would naturally be.” This is putting girls to a disadvantage because they could die without proper health care. This is killing off women in India.

Women in India

Women are discriminated against throughout the world but its very severe in India. Women in India are considered to be the most minority in the whole world. “Women are second-class citizens in India and crimes against them are appallingly common.”

Women are put into the minority category because no one is there where they live to take care of them. They are treated as if they don't matter in India because their country has bad living conditions. “The perimeters of Indian cities - the great engine of its growth - are an appalling dystopian vision.”

Indian women are also treated badly by their husbands or father. “Women are second-class citizens in India and crimes against them are appallingly common.” Its common because Indian women's family treats them poorly and they don't report them.

Bad living conditions in India

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