Suprise haiku

The pregnancy test🍼

The morning sickness starts fast

Suprise a baby 👶

Chain poem:

Clock: there was a clock on the wall

Tick: it was ticking with every second

Sound: the clock was the only sound filling the room

Time : the time was going by slowly

Alarm: but eventually the alarm goes off

Wake up: as it was time to wake up

Tired: thoughts filled my head of going back to sleep

Bed: my body aches to go back to bed

Asleep: still half asleep I walked down the hall

Cat: the cat follows close behind

Fur: I can lightly feel the fur

Dog: the dog sat in the living room barking at the t.v

Sesame Street: Sesame Street was the only good thing on

Recipe for a silly crush:

Ingredients: computer/ phone; butterflies; affection; attachment; pain; heart; sweat

Directions (follow as directed only):

-first you will want to take your phone or computer (or a device capable of of allowing you to stalk) and figure out every social media account they have. This is just the first step to stalking next you'll want to find out every detail about them including every aunt, uncle and cousins name (make sure to not let them know you have internet stalked them)

- try to slowly start to talk through messages then slowly progress to talking in person (maybe a very long process but worth every second)

Now you want to get the following ingredients: your heart and butterflies insert the butterflies into your heart but cutting out a small peice and sewing it back together

Look for signs of affection (simple things such as when he looks at you or when they compliment) then blow those out of proportion by 10x

You will be getting a little attached but don't to that too much (might scare them off)

Best of luck❤️


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