GENDERFLUID WHat does it mean?

(this is the reason I want short hair, its easy to change between masculine and feminine)

I would like to identify as a genderfluid person, meaning that somedays I would identify as a girl and somedays as a boy. Somedays I may even identify as a non-binary person or a mix of the both genders. Non-binary means I would identify as neither.

If you have any questions or issues with my decision please come speak to me about them.

GENDER is actually not the same as sex. Gender is a state of mind, sex defines your genitals.

I want to identify as such because it would help me feel more at ease with myself. Im willing to except the challenges that I may face with taking on this gender identity thing.

This is the just a quick way of saying it.

Please try to understand and accept that this is just the way I feel about my gender identity and I have found many solutions to stop people misgendering me (coloured bracelets, pins, etc...)

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