StudenTrips Social Media Strategy

Project by Azul González Agote, Tomás Hornos, María Oar, Agata Wojcicka

StudenTrips is a (fictitious) online travel business. The company sells arranged trips for students and young people on low budgets. Its objectives in terms of their social media strategy are to have a consistent presence in social media in order to gain brand awareness and increase their customer base.

In order for StudenTrips to achieve these foals, we propose the following strategy...


A type of blogging that consists of shorter, more concise messages. Typically made up of only one or two sentences, it is a great way to approach customers as most times people do not want to spend a lot of time reading advertisements. With microblogging, the attention required from customers is minimum and the results are maximum. In this age, short and strong messages are the best way to approach people. reported that “people are looking for snippets of visual information, as opposed to long form information”. Due to its shorter nature, it is less time-consuming and it allows businesses post frequently, reaching its audience on a more constant way than regular blogging.

Microblogging allows for great creativity in terms of the media it shares. Microblogging can be used to post text, pictures, videos, links, and many more. Microblogging can also be done through various different platforms. Although the name suggests a “blog”, microblogging can take place in many other websites: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. are all examples of sites that can be used for posting microblogs. A great example of a company using a microblogging strategy is Waynabox. Also a travel company, it posts to its more than 150,000 followers on Facebook multiple times a day, with information about their products, contests, pictures, etc. The company ensures it reaches the widest possible audience by having presence in other sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

A great feature about microblogging is that the platforms that can be used along with social tagging. This consists on tags or “hashtags” with which people who are or are not following the company can find their content. Tags are used to categorize posts and helps attract new followers/possible customers.

These two strategies are perfectly suited for our travel company as we are aiming towards young people/students, which are the biggest demographic in social media and reading these microblogs.


Video platforms have grown exponentially since the early 2000s. This has lead to a lot of people to browse video platforms such as YouTube on a daily basis. Sixty percent of all traffic online comes from video, according to Forrester research. Visual advertisement agencies have taken a completely new approach towards connecting with their receptors. This is mainly because clients themselves have changed. They have gotten used to visual animations, and relevant concepts represented in simple ways. Most viewers have essentially gotten into the habit of having most of the information broken down for them visually. This requires agencies and companies to be highly efficient on quickly attracting the viewer's interest.

This is done so by targeting the type of buyer/user they are looking for to buy/use the company's products. In this case we are looking at young people/students, who have the largest demographic as video consumers. There are multiple video strategies which could be implemented for a travel agency such as ours. We think that the best would be to recreate a situation where our target group is traveling and enjoying themselves doing different activities. These activities would depend on the type of destination which it is being advertised. In this video the audience would be able to see what the travelling destination has to offer, emphasising all the positive aspects that the place has to offer. For example if the final destination was Cancún, México: beautiful shots of the beaches could be included, showing young people scuba diving and the delicious food that anyone can enjoy at fairly cheap prices. Furthermore the nightlife could be shown by displaying footage of famous artists performing at different venues. Skydiving, jet skiing and many more activities could be audio-visually displayed in under a minute. Including signs and text constantly reminding the viewers why they should choose our travel agency. Start off with engaging high quality footage, showing exotic and attractive content, filling the middle section with engaging text, and finish by clearly telling the target group how the kids enjoying themselves in the video could be them.


A mashup strategy consists on combining different applications so one enforces the other through its service. A great example can be how Uber has been integrated into Google Maps, which enables its users to order an Uber when using the app. The same way, we want to integrate our travel agency into Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and Airbnb. When looking for a journey, youngsters usually focus on low prices, which are provided by the apps/webpages mentioned above. Our objective is to offer the youth an organized journey through the use of this apps if they require so. That way, we would cover the 3 main aspects regarding travels: accommodation, transport and leisure. Our clients will have the chance to compare prices, areas, timetables, quality and other users’ opinions.

This way of Social Media will not only provide our customers and accurate and fittable service, but also will promote our company. Nowadays we should consider the interconnection among many apps and devices, which leads to development, even more in the business and technology fields. Consequently, we should keep innovating and taking advantage of this interconnectivity for the improvement of our business, otherwise it would get obsolete.


Podcasting consists of distributing information through audio or video. It’s an important tool which can help to market a business. First of all it helps you to focus on your niche and on your audience.

The main advantage is that they are for free and can be accessed from every device which can be helpful in order to increase the awareness of the company. You can also listen at any time you want and replay as much as you want.

Furthermore, usually you upload a podcast every week, month so you eventually create your own community of listeners. Its very important to keep the content interesting and related to the business goal we want to achieve.

However businesses use it to communicate and mainly to promote. In today’s business world it’s important to encourage people to buy your product, and we believe that podcasting plays a major role in this. We assume podcasting will help us to properly advertise our company mainly because it can help us to prove the expertise and so attract as many customers as possible. An important number of famous companies as pandora, BMC, microsoft channel’s 9 and more, are using podcasting as a marketing tool, and we believe we can follow their technique and became successful in the near future.


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