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Advertise on Primetime with MyScene TV and the CW Network!

Tell viewers about your company.
“Open for Business” Starter
  • Let customers know you are open for business
  • 30 second segment
  • Highlighting your brand for 10-15 seconds
  • Information Needed for Ad: Business Name | Address | Hours | Logo | Slogan

Starting at $250

Local Business Special

Check out Mestizo’s 15 sec. Sample Video

  • 15 second Commercial
  • Total of 2 Commercials on air
  • Skilled Production Team
  • High Quality Video & Audio Equipment
  • Onsite Footage of your Brand’s Products & Services
  • Voice Over
  • Post Production & Editing of Commercial
  • Created with an eye for storytelling to showcase your brand to the masses in an impactful and visually stimulating manner

Starting at $399

Business Show Segment
  • 3-4 minutes on air
  • Interview segment on our show including shots of your product or services
  • Airs on: CW21 | PrimeTime | Thur
  • MyScene TV production crew will shoot and edit products and/services
  • Media Backlink to increase SEO

Your Interview on MyScene TV will premiere at Primetime (9pm) on the CW network (channel 21) and be permanently viewable on MTv’s Youtube channel.

Starting at $350

Upgrade your Commercial
  • Run 12 commercials total
  • Over 3 months
  • 4 Bumper Slots - End of Segment Sponsorship Slot
  • 1 commercial slot per week max
  • Airs on: CW21 | PrimeTime | Thur
  • Promoted & viewable on MSTv‘s Youtube Platform
  • Gold Partnership Status includes additional promo of your events. Includes promoting events and onsite FB live or Youtube Channel coverage with “Neda Parandian On The Scene”

Your commercial will premiere on Primetime (9pm) on the CW network (channel 21) and permanently be viewable on MSTv’s Youtube channel.

Additional $699

My Events
My World: Increase your SEO and Google Visibility with a backlink through our media outlet.
My Local News: 62% of consumers have a negative perception of a brand after experiencing a poor-quality video. Get with it!
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MyScene TV

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My Scene TV Created for MSTv by RuledbyVenusDesigns.com and iheartnedaart.com by Neda Parandian