Dear Emma

How is it going back in long beach California. I have not written to you for a very long time. I am so sorry for not writing . How are thing outside the camp. I first came to Manzanar when I was seven. We are so much older now. I hope you are doing well. I miss you. Playing with you outside on the beach was so fun. I wish I could still be there with you right now. I just want to go back to long beach it's so much better than Manzanar. Many things have changed for me. Living in Manzanar has been hard on my family and me. The houses that we have to stay in are so small and so poorly made. We all have to stay in one of the houses. Some of us have to sleep on the floor. We all go and eat in the mess hall. We have not been eating all together lately. We all sit at different tables. Sometimes the roof leaks in our house when there is a storm. We can not leave the camp. Things in Manzanar are especially hard because my father has been acting very mean I think it’s because when he got out of the internment camp he was in he started to drink and smoke. He started hitting and fighting with mama a lot after he got out of the internment camp. One day father was going to hit mama with his cane but right when he was about to hit mama Kiyo jumped on him and punched father in the face. Kiyo was scared after that and stayed at my older sister's house in Manzanar. I still can not believe Kiyo hit father. That is what has happened in my life since I have last wrote to you. Hope you are doing good and good by till next time I write to you.

Sincerely Jeanne


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