Reproduction of plants Cuarto de primaria

Reproduction in flowering plants

The organs responsible for in spermatophytes are located in the flower. Flowers can be big, small, of different colours, etc. But we can identify the following parts in all of them: the calyx, the corolla, the pistil and stamens.

Pau Cremades Sánchez
Other types of reproduction in plants

Plants can reproduce through flowers or by other means. Other types of reproduction in plants are tubers, rhizomes and bulbs. Tubers are underground stems that form roots and leaves, potatoes are an example of tubers. Rhizomes are horizontal s tems that grow under the soil with vertical branches such as grasses. Bulbs grow underground and are made up of leaves without chlorophyll that are wrapped around a stem, such as onions.

Ignasi Carci, Diego Enrich, Laura Bujosa.

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