Learning Outcomes By: matt vanwestrienen

Kyamauri is looking for more information for one of the unit papers. This shows that she developing ideas and finding reliable sources for her paper. This method can help her with future papers that will involve research.
In this image I am reading through a chapter of the book I used to for my unit 4 paper. This relates to assessing the source and information which can help with writing papers. This taught me to take my time and understand what information is put in front of me.
I was finishing up the last little bit of McGraw Hill Connect that I had left before completing it. Using this program taught me how to produce correct structure, grammar and mechanics of writing. I will always use grammar and this will help me with my new college courses.
This group of students is revising each others papers to get feedback so they can fix any mistakes they have. By doing this we learn how to work with others which everyone will have to do in their future careers.
These students are organizing their ideas effectively, which can make their papers easier to write and also makes it clearer for the reader to know what the paper is about instead of jumping around from subject to subject. By practicing this, papers can be written is a more efficient manor instead of revising multiple times.
Here is a student that is searching for synonyms for her Unit 2 paper. This displays she is choosing words and a tone for her given audience by not repeating words and it also shows that she can adapt to a workplace and still produce her assignment no matter where she is.
This student is using the feedback and revision he received from his group to improve his paper. He is editing his document for grammar usage, any mechanic issues and punctuation's. We can use this process to improve our writing style for different assignments we might come across in the future.
The group that is in this image is working on revisions with each other, showing that they can take written material and produce feedback for each other. This can prepare you for group projects you may come across in your future classes.
The class had a fun activity where we were given a superpower and had to write a statement on why we should be part of the team. This relates to state and supporting assertions because we had to make it clear why would should be part of that team. You could use this method if you had an argumentative paper to write and had to support your topic.
I was confused with how to start my unit 4 paper so I asked the Professor for help. This is defining and analyzing the purpose of my writing and the problem and the context of the writing problem. Asking her helped me understand how to start writing my paper. Learning these processes could make writing papers easier to do.
These two students were making sure they were writing their papers in the correct way by analyzing what information they had and choosing the appropriate method of organizing effectively. By performing this process it can help save you from having to rewrite your papers because you didn't check earlier in the paper.
This image relates to analyzing the writing situation, identifying the information that is needed and finding that information. Here a student who knows the subject of their writing assignment and is looking for information to help complete the assignment. This helped us with writing our unit 4 paper and will help with any research papers that we may have to write in the future.
The student is talking with the Professor about the Unit 4 paper and is finding out what the purpose of the paper is about, and also how to approach the audience in his paper. This relates to the process of analyzing and defining the needs of the audience which can help writers know how to write the paper towards a specific audience.


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