Hillcrest is Kansas City regional leader in solving homelessness.

Hillcrest's Mission: To be a transitional housing ministry providing a supportive environment that helps homeless families and youth become self-supportive, self-reliant contributors to society.

Unlike many organizations whose focus is one time or emergency care, Hillcrest's primary objective is to solve homelessness by addressing the total life situation of the families we serve. This is accomplished by helping them overcome the challenges that led to their homelessness, and equipping them with the skills they need to be self sufficient for the rest of their lives. Our residents are held accountable through a weekly evaluation system, are subject to an "all needs / no wants" approach to budgeting, and are required to maintain full-time employment.

Hillcrest has multiple campuses across the Kansas City area that offer a 90-day transitional housing program for individuals and adults. Our Kansas City, Kansas campus is home to our 24-month youth transitional housing program, the largest program of its kind in the State of Kansas. Hillcrest also offers rapid re-housing services in Northwest Missouri.

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"I don't know where I would be without Hillcrest. It's just a different kind of program that is needed for people who have something going for them, but not everything." - Robin, Hillcrest Graduate

trial by fire

In the early morning hours of July 14, 2020, one of the resident buildings on Hillcrest Transitional Housing's Lee's Summit campus caught fire. While all residents were evacuated safely and eventually relocated to other Hillcrest units, the building was a total loss.

This building at 505 SW Mission Road was the home of four 1-bedroom housing units for Hillcrest's 90-day transitional housing program. The loss of this building means that 12 fewer families are served each year. That's 12 families each year that Hillcrest could move from homelessness and to self-sufficiency - if only we had the capacity to do so.

Media Coverage of the Fire:

Thankfully, Hillcrest had four units available at the time that the affected families could be shifted to. In-kind donors and volunteers rallied around these families by helping to replace items lost in the fire. Hillcrest staff provided counseling and case management to ensure that the fire had as little an impact on their road to self-sufficiency as possible.

"You all have banded together and uplifted my family in more ways than can be counted... Because of you, we have been able to rebuild our lives immediately without missing a beat."- Mark & Erica, 505 Residents

New Beginnings

In early December 2020, the charred 505 structure was cleared, paving the way for a new four-plex apartment building. While insurance compensation will cover approximately one-third of the new building cost, Hillcrest is actively seeking partners to help fund the additional $500,000 needed to turn this rebuilding vision into reality.

Fundraising Goal: $500,000

Hillcrest hopes to break ground on the project in late Spring 2021. We can accomplish this with your investment.

Hillcrest transitions more than 315 families and individuals from homelessness to self-sufficiency each year.

It receives over 4,000 applications annually.

Every apartment matters because every family we can serve matters.

Beauty from ashes

As we rebuild 505, we will take this opportunity to expand our capacity by turning what was a set of two 1-bedroom apartments and two 2-bedroom apartments into a fourplex of 2-bedroom apartments. This will increase our ability to serve more families with children. In addition, the new building will be upgraded and energy efficient.

To date, Hillcrest Transitional Housing has secured $250,000 toward this $750,000 project. Our goal is to raise 100% of the construction costs before breaking ground, thus fulfilling our ongoing commitment to strong financial stewardship.

Will you consider investing in Hillcrest's 505 Rebuild project?

For information on how you can partner with Hillcrest, contact Cotton Sivils, Vice President of Development, at (816) 682-2952 or sivilsc@hillcrestkc.org.