Loose Ends D.D. VanDyke

David VanDyke (DD VanDyke) is a former US Army Airborne enlisted soldier and, later in life, a US Air Force officer. After the army he began writing books. The California Corwin P. I. Mystery Series consist of 4 books the first one is Loose ends published june 7th 2015 nby Reaper Press

The novel takes place in San Francisco July of 2005

Main character- California Corwin: shes an ex cop from San Francisco who becomes a PI . She gets involved in a messed up kidnapping of a young girl. Her conflict is man v self, she creates these loose end problems that need to be tied up.

An ex cop named California (cal) is engaged in finding and rescuing a young girl that has been kidnapped. With what should be a straightforward case it takes unexpected twists. Cal has to tie up all the loose ends before another victim is claimed.

Authors writing style- I like the mystery the author gives and how he creates a lot of dialogue throughout the book. I dislike how he started off the book by nit giving us a setting you had to figure out what was going on

About the story- I like how the story is a mystery and it makes the reader have to guess whats going to happen next but I dislike how slow the plot is as of right now.

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