Gender Expectations Latino/ hispanic Expectations


In Latin and Hispanic cultures women are not seen as an equal to men. Men are seen as superior to women. In that culture women belong at home cleaning and cooking while the man must work to provide for their family. This may be because of a lack of education or resources since 17% of Latinos are high school dropouts and 23% live in poverty.

Women Expectations

  • Must stay at home to cook for husband and children.
  • Must clean the entire house.
  • Must not have a job.
  • Must do what husband wants
  • Must have children.
  • Must be a virgin before marriage.
  • Must pleasure all of the mans needs.
  • Can not have affairs or else she is considered dirty.
  • 26% of 19 year olds are mothers.
What a women is expected to do at home.

Male Expectations

  • Must work to support family.
  • Once home the man must rest since he spent all day working.
  • The man is always right.
  • Must be able to defend their family.
  • Can have an affair with other women and no one cares except for the wife.
The most common jobs that men are supposed to do to show their muscularity.

Kid Expectations (Boys)

  • Work comes first education is second.
  • Must work to help provide for family at young age.
  • Must obey father.
  • Must watch over family in the absence of the father.
Boy expectations.

Kid Expectations (Girls)

  • Must help mom clean around the house.
  • Education is optional only if work in the house is done and with permission from the father.
  • Must not have a boyfriend until after her Quinceniera. (15 year old celebration)
  • Must always obey parents.
  • If she gets pregnant before she becomes 15 she is kicked out.
Girl expectations at home.
These expectations are also seen in American TV shows.

Gallup Poll

  • 84% of women agree that men are superior.
  • 69% of men believe that men are superior.
  • 84% of women believe that women should manage the house hold finances.
  • 69% of men believe that women should manage the house hold finances.
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