Dae Dae

On the screen it's says summer of 1998 .... we find ourselves at a bday party for a group of lil kids. We then establish a young Dae Dae surrounded by his siblings and his friends. The kids surround the table as Moms brings out the bday cake. Simultaneously we see an old school four door whip slowly bend the corner. As the car comes down the street we see a guy in the back seat rise up with a gun. We then hear gun shots rimg out as the as Dae Dae's Pops and homies have a shoot out with the guys in the car. The bullets hit the house and one hits Dae Dae's lil sister standing beside him at the bday party. This opening sequence has its own sound design before the actual track drops. This also sets the tone for a flashback thru Dae's Dae's child hood.

This video is a reflection piece. Dae Dae takes us on a small journey thru is tremulous child hood. He then celebrates his success with the homies that came up with him. As we flashback thru his life we will capture some dope performances in locations around Atlanta. Our first setup is the Prison farm. This location offers lots of substance and character that goes well with Dae Dae's charismatic performance.

We dive back into our storyline as the screen says "summer 2003". We find a young Dae Dae getting his 1st lil pack. We show him Lakewood hustling as a youngster. Serving a few fiends and then we see him being chased by a few undercovers. We even show him getting arrested.

Our 2nd performance set up takes place in the hood. We will pic a location that offsets the prison yard . Dae Dae spits his verse like a savvy veteran as he turns the hood into his personal performance stage. We will feature a piano in the middle of the hood that will help bring out the dope melody in the track(this will be a budgetary decision). A couple of young street dancers we also be in this setup adding to the visual.

Moving forward in our storyline it's present day and Dae is celebrating success with his family and friends. We see the team pull up with cases of food cases of liquor and beer. Even cases of champagne. We see Unc on the grill kids having fun and the homies living good .....

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