I enjoyed this project as a whole even though it was pretty time consuming. I think the most time consuming part was just learning how to use adobe spark. As soon as I figured Adobe Spark it was pretty easy. I actually started to like Adobe Spark as a program. I could see myself using the program for presentations in the future. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it and makes a really cool presentation. One of the things I enjoyed most about this project was how beneficial it was to me personally. I am in this class because I didn’t do well last semester. I feel like this project really gave me some useful things that helped my academics. One of the most beneficial exhibits to me was the learning exhibit. It gave me new ways to study that helped me make better grades. Before I did the learning exhibit I didn’t know how to study. I would just reread info and I would never do well on test. Since I did the learning exhibit I have not made a grade lower than a B on a test. The time management exhibit was also really beneficial. It taught me how to make a schedule and stay on top of my schoolwork. I do not follow the schedule I made perfectly now but I try to at least follow it for four days a week. For the self-designed exhibits I tried to do things that would benefit me as a person. My first self designed exhibit I did fitness and nutrition plan, which helped me, eat better and exercise more. I thought of this because I wanted to keep the theme of the rest of the project using something that would benefit my daily life. For my second self-exhibit I did a study on how sleep affected my academics. This was also really beneficial because it helped my health and academics. The exam exhibit was the one I thought benefited me the most. It opened my eyes to how beneficial professor office hours are. I went in really dreading having to meet with my teacher about a test I had done pretty well on. The teacher was really helpful and almost flattered that someone would come to her to go over a test they wad made well on. Since this I go to her for help after I receive a grade back on anything. It helps me understand what I don’t know and has made the class a lot easier. The professor interview I also like for a lot of the same reasons. It helped me get into office hours and build a relationship with my professor. The goal exhibit was my least favorite. It was really hard for me to figure what values were most important to me. I thought the mindset exhibit was one of the more beneficial exhibits. It helped me change some of my negative views on school and studying. It also helped me learn that I control my grades and the more work I put in the better they are. Overall I really enjoyed the process to make this project. It was hard work but what made it fun was knowing the work I was doing was giving me skills and strategies to help me not just in school but also life.


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