CGD Portfolio S1 yeet

Midterm Portfolio

My midterm portfolio consist of two cliental work and three of my favorite personal works I have worked on this semester

1st Client Work

My first client work was for serra's high school badminton team. The goal was to make/redesign the whole jersey from SCRATCH. i knew what colors i had to work with but to make a design that was clean and iconic was the DIFFICULT part. thus going into adobe illustrator, i made a shuttlecock and implemented the school's name inside. placement of the shuttlecock took many tries. from a small logo on the upper right hand chest to filling the whole back, it led to my final design. allowing the shuttlecock to wrap around the side to equally show off the logo and simplicity of the shirt. Then came the shorts, same concept. except swapping the colors to make a nice color scheme. And finally, the last two items of the outfit. A long sleeve practice shirt, i got my INSPIRATION from the nba teams and their practice jerseys. keeping our school colors within the shirt and making it easy to read. The "dad" hat just had a small logo right on the front, this design of a small logo has become popular in today's fashion as the minimalistic look is coming back into style. since i volunteered to make the new jersey's for the team, approaching a design that would work for boys and girls was hard. however, i believe that the final design works out for both.

2nd Client Work

My 2nd client work was to create a logo for the san diego city's 360 #photosandiego program. This program allows students to go to the city college in downtown and work with their professors and also use their equipment to better pursue the student's skills. of course, to submit a logo, there has to be more than one. my initial thought on all of these logos were to implement a camera and include 360 either it be physical or symbolic. The first two designs were chosen for their final logo, however my personal favorite has to be the hands/eye logo. All of these logos were created in adobe illustrator and took me a total of 3 days to create. Since mr.pedersen asked me if i wanted to make some, i was given the freedom of making anything i want. which makes it more difficult for me because of with no instructions besides have "#photo360sandiego" it was a "give it all i had" type of vibe. It was extremely difficult coming up with all of the logos in a short amount of time but i say this was one of my most memorable experiences with the class.

Personal Work

1. This is a convoy, san diego geo-filter for snapchat. THe geo-filter was created in adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. convoy is an area filled with asian RESTAURANTS. From korean bbq to their many boba shops, i wanted to make a filter that represented that whole area. And what do you see most? people walking around with a boba drink in their hands. in my opinion, hands are the most difficult things to replicate in anything, so i had to image trace a hand from google however everything else was created by me. the font was a "traditional" chinese paintbrush style that can be read easy and gives a nice look to the bottom half of the filter.
2. My 2nd personal work is a sticker for serra high school. The task was to make a sticker that could be sold in the asb store. Either make a quote or another logo for the school, i decided to revamp the SCHOOL'S mascot in adobe illustrator. conrad, the school's mascot, is well designed and realistic. so i wanted to make conrad into simple shapes while keeping the same look to the original logo. As a result, this came out, keeping the main brown and gold colors with a touch of white gives a nice contrast all THROUGHOUT the sticker. one difficult thing for me was the shape of the sticker. using negative space can be challenging however the outcome can be amazing.
and last but not least, the resign of the "poki one n half" company logo. Going into adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop, the task was to try and give the original orange box logo to a new and modern one. And of course, a fish had to be in the logo. to cut the fish in half was in the name of the store so that's how i came up with that idea. the one thing i would change about this logo is the words of the logo, i tried to make it look like the number 2, to try and make 1/2 but that failed horribly. but all in all, still a great design and one of my personal favorites with more improvements can be put towards next semester.


by aaron yeung

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