Blankets for the Cold By: anna villaneda block e

In my neighborhood, there are many homeless people walking in the streets. There are even certain people that I can recognize and can predict where they are staying.

The most common places are near bus stops, underneath highways, or in the grassy area next to the highways.

I have many more blankets than I need. I never use all of them in the summer, and I don't actually need most of them in the winter because I have a heater in my room.

I feel that this is the same for many other people. I also believe that other people want to help the homeless, but cannot think of a way they can because they are only one person.

Although it seems small and unlikely to make much of a difference, giving someone who is homeless a blanket or two could make a huge difference. It is much colder outside, especially at night than it is in our homes.

Homeless people need these blankets much more than we do, especially the ones that lay unused at the ends of our beds. Donating an item that you don't use anyways could greatly improve the life of someone else.

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